How To Prepare For IIT JEE 2011 Entrance Exam


Indian Institute Of Technology is one of the premiere engineering institutes of the world. Its a matter of great achievement to make it to any of the IIT’s, so one can easily predict the level of competition required to get into it. IIT JEE (JOINT ENTERANCE EXAMINATION) is considered as the one of the toughest exams to crack after the IAS. People prepare for many years to get into this esteemed institute. It takes more than just hard-work to crack this examination.

One can just keep in mind some minor points while preparing for the same.

NCERT BOOKS: Many students just overlook these books considering them to be sub-standard as preparation material for IIT-JEE. But over the few years, these books have been revised. And you can find some really good questions in it. It should be considered as the fundamental books.

PRACTICE: One need to be clear with all the concepts applicable. Rather than focusing on some particular types of questions, one should be more eager to do different types of questions as it widens your thinking capability.

DON”T BE DISCOURAGED: Many coaching institutes conduct mock tests for IIT which are deliberately made tough. IIT JEE does not ask that difficult problems, so one should not be discouraged by them. Keep your cool and don’t change your study pattern because of it.

BE REGULAR: Allot fixed hours for JEE preparation and come what may you have to stick to your timings. Many people just are not regular enough for the same. Be it pre-boards, Class tests, family outings; just keep JEE as the top priority.

DON”T BE A BOOK WORM: A healthy minds resides in a healthy body. You need to be fresh when you study as it pesters your mind to think a little more. Give adequate rest to your body and mind.

PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS: One must go through previous year questions. It’s a compilation of all good questions which enhances your thinking ability. Moreover it gives you an idea as to what level do you have to prepare.

NO BIBLE APPROACH: There is no particular book that prepares you all for the JEE. One needs to explore knowledge from different sources be it books, internet, encyclopedias. So, don’t just stick to one particular book to prepare for the same.

ANALYSIS: A regular analysis is required to keep you updated about your preparation and performance. Analysis includes alternate method of attempting the same problem, analyzing unsolved questions, regular revision of formulas and important concepts.



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    hello sir i have passed 10nt and i want to get a rank of below 100 in iit but i am an average student so will you please suggest me how to prepare in oder to achieve my goal i requst you to suggest me sir

  2. 16

    what is the best way to prepare for IIT exam

  3. 15

    hello sir/mam
    i passed 10th and i want to study IIt but i cannot go to any tution for IIt entrence so please give me some tips about books and preparationa for IIt entrence

  4. 14
    Gamseng Marak:

    Sir, I am interesting to appear IIT-JEE but I have already 12th (science) passed in 2006 with low percentage, is it possible?

  5. 13
    Ajay shaw:

    How can I improve my knowledge?

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    sir can i crack iitjee from november iam in 11th .how much time should i spend for study

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    Sir i want to ask how much percentage and what rank i need in IIT-JEE to get an admission in IIT-DELHI???????.
    Also i want to ask that whether our 11th and 12th marks play a role in our admission in a good IIT-JEE college????

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    I am in 12th and wasted a lot of time.Moreover,in 11th also i couldn’t do so much work.could you please give me some tips to crack IIT?

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    How To Prepare For IIT JEE 2011 Entrance Exam?

  10. 8
    sahil khan:

    iit-jee nots

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    i am MD afsarsalman speaking from nawada apart from it i would like say with you that my base is not strong of math , physic as well as chemistry so i want to come patna for preparing of science because my ambition is an electrical engineer so i want to strong my base with help of you if you could call me for it i would be highly thanksfull to you

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    sir i m in 11th smtimes i get problems in solving physics problems wat should i do

  13. 5
    ayushi verma:

    sir, i am in 10 . at present what i have to do for the entrance exam of IIT-JEE

  14. 4
    Arsh verma:

    I am in 8std in bishops school in pune.I scored 86% in class 7th final exam.When shall i start preparing for IIT-JEE? Which is the best coaching institute in Pune ?

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    1)which type of question will be asked? is it objective or detailed questions?

    2)what are the books we have to refer for the entrance exam?

    3)Is this entrance exam questions are based on the group we select or not?

    4)I’am studying 12th now,I wanted to join IIT next year,What i want to do for that?

    5)How much mark is needed in 12th for joining IIT(AEROSPACE ENGINEERING?

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    i want to be among the top in iit jee should i study.sometimes i get problems in solving questions mainly in physics.i have study material of aakash iit jee . is it sufficient to be among toppers in iit jee.