PTU-B.Pharmacy 5th Semester-Pharmaceutics-V (Pharmaceutical Technology I) Papers


Bachelor of Pharmacy is gaining wide popularity in the arena of education. The course is greatly in demand and is being offered by many renowned universities all over the country.

What is taught in the paper?

The paper is basically a practical and application based paper. Thus, it includes the study of various chemicals and methods through which raw and new chemicals can be made or converted into medicines so that they can be consumed safely by the humans. The subject basically focuses on the technologies and methods used in the task.

Importance of the paper:

The subject deals with the study of transforming a raw chemical into a suitable medicine or a form or part of medicine. We all know that even if the chemical has all the properties to cure a disease, that chemical in its raw form is of no use. Thus, studying this subject will definitely be helpful in the long run if you are planning a career in Pharmaceutical industry.

Paper pattern:

The question paper of Pharmaceutics-V is divided into three main sections. All the three sections have questions of different types. Section A has 15 questions which are short answer type and are of 2 marks each. The second section has 5 questions of 5 marks each. Candidates are asked to answer any 4 they want. The last section has 4 questions and out of the 4 the candidates are asked to answer any 3. Each question is of 10 marks.

Frequently asked questions:

These topics are important as questions are framed from these topics almost every year. The topics are aspect extraction of crude drug and its preparation processes, drug penetration and its mechanisms, plasma substitute, eye cosmetic, vehicles that carries drug, aerosol etc.

Time allotted and maximum marks:

The maximum marks allotted to the paper are 80 and the time duration given to candidates is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Modern Pharmaceutics by Gilbert S Banker
  • Pharmaceutical technology assessment for managed care by Samuel A. Bozzette
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