Preparing for VIT is not a matter of joke, and requires healthy concern and a lot of hard labor. Hence one requires getting some good quality of books which are not only full of the required knowledge, but is also capable of giving the students the extra confidence that they require.

The standard of question that is asked in VIT does require healthy and sound knowledge in the subject. The concept and the in depth knowledge should be clear and for that one requires good books. Few of the books that can help one in preparing for the VITEEE in great deal are as follows:


Dinesh Chemistry

Morrision Boyd for Organic Chemistry

NCERT- Chemistry Part 1 and Part 2

Arihant Organic Chemistry


AC Dutta for Botany (Oxford Publication)

Pradeep’s Biology

MTG (Biology Today) CBSE PMT (Subscription)


HC Verma for Physics,

Concept of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Aggarwals

Physics: CBSE PMT set of 3 Volumes by Anil Aggarwal

NCERT- Physics Part 1 and Part 2


Calculus J. Edward

Bernard & Child – Higher Algebra

R. S. Aggarwal – Maths XI & XII

Apart from the above mentioned books, one can even go for other books for MCQs. Without solving the MCQs, one cannot achieve that confidence which is a must for cracking the examination. For that Target VITEE is the best book. The book comprises of almost all the sphere of the subject and also contains various kinds of MCQs along with answer. Apart from that the book also contains various small tricks that can help the students in saving time during their main examination.

Though subjective type of questions are not asked, but still few question in the MCQs section are asked in such a way that it requires a very deep and sound knowledge of the subject. In order to prepare for that time, one requires studying the above mentioned books properly.



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    I did not opted the biology in my course of PUC-II or 12th standard and my interest of study is only in electronics related so please help me how to opt my desirables.

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    sir, from where i can get viteee previous year papers?

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    Achuth nair:

    how to prepare for viteee exam at this point of time????

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    sir plz tel me that there is any book for preparing vitee exam

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    Is there any book for preparing especially VITEEE examination and what is the price of it?

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    is any book for espesally for preparring vitee entrance?

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    what can i do for viteee ?

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    Dear Sir,
    Plz, I had applied for both Po as well as clerical exam…….So, please could u send a previous years complete question papers(reasoning,general awareness,English,aptitude etc) of both Po & clerk…..n tell me refrence books name pls
    Thanks in advance

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    where will i get vit exam key for2 010

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    How can i prepare for VITEEE 2010 only i week left please help me out

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    From where I will get VITEEE 2010 books for preparation of books.


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    how should one prepare for aieee and viteee at his juncture of time