WBUT, BCA, 1st Sem.,-Digital Electronics (BCA101) Papers


West Bengal University of Technology offers various courses in the field of technology. This university is one of the very best in the country and is the best place to pursue courses like BCA and MCA.  There are many universities in the country pursuing BCA under this university. BCA students during the first semester of the course have to study digital electronics and have to take the exam of the subject at the end of the year in addition to four other papers.

About the subject and paper pattern

Digital electronics is a subject which is related to electronics regarding computers. The subject mainly focuses on flip flops, logic gates and circuits, Boolean algebra, binary operations, shift register etc. This is a very important paper as far as BCA students are concerned. The paper consists of both objective and descriptive questions.

The paper is divided into three sections A, B and C. Section A is purely objective and consists of 10 questions. To each objective question, four choices will be provided. Only one choice is correct. The candidate need to choose the option that is most appropriate. This section consists of small numerical problems too. Section B consists of short answer type questions. There are five questions in this section. The candidates need to answer any three questions. Section C consists of long answer type questions. This section too consists of five questions and three have to be answered by the candidates.

Marking scheme and duration of paper

The paper is for a total of 70 marks. Section A contributes 10 marks, B contributes 15 marks and C contributes 45 marks. The candidates are allotted three hours for completing the question paper in addition to the 15 minutes that has to be spent on reading the paper.

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