WBUT CSE 4th Sem Advanced Computer Architecture (CS 403) Papers


The West Bengal University of Technology (WBUTech) was established in 2000 with an aim to spread Technological education in the state of West Bengal. To this university are affiliated many engineering colleges which offer courses like B.Tech, BCA, MCA and so on. B.Tech in Computer science and Engineering is one of the pioneer courses of this university with the Advanced Computer Architecture Paper being not just a compulsory but also an important subject to any student pursuing this course in any college affiliated to this university.

How Many Sections Can You Expect In This Paper?

The question paper is divided into three sections. The first section consisting of multiple choice questions whereas the other two sections consist of questions in which the student has to write longer answers depending on the marks allotted to the question.

Paper Pattern And Number Of Questions Asked:

The first section always has ten or more than ten multiple choice questions. The student has to answer ten of them to completely answer this section.  The second section consists of five questions out of which only three have to be answered. These questions are of five marks and are to be answered accordingly. The last section consists of five questions again but these questions are of fifteen marks each. Only three questions are to be answered in the third section. These questions generally have subparts and are not a block question of fifteen marks.

How Many Hours Would You Be Given to Complete The Paper?

The student has to complete all answers in a maximum time of three hours.

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