West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam- Mathematics Papers


The WBJEE or the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam is held every year for the different courses of engineering and medical in the best colleges of the state. These colleges have very limited seats and the number of applicants is large every year. It thus becomes mandatory for the applicants to take this exam and then applies with their score cards. Based on which the institutes make choices and admit the candidates.

Importance of the paper

The paper mainly focuses on the mathematical part of the syllabus. The subject is taken up mostly by the engineering aspirants. The syllabus is the course material from the 11th and 12th standard curriculum. Since the exam is taken up by the candidates after their 12th exams.


The paper has 80 multiple choice questions and 10 short answer type questions.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of 80% multiple choice questions and 20% short answer type questions. Each multiple choice questions has four options given and the candidate is expected to pick one of them.


Each correct answer earns marks but for each wrong answer the candidate is penalized. One third of the marks allotted for a correct answer are deducted from the total score of the candidate. Thus the candidate should be careful.

Time allotted

A total time of 3 hours is allotted to the candidate.

Recommended books

The most important books that are followed are the Comprehensive mathematics by the Pradeep’s publication and the NCERT mathematics textbooks for 11th and 12th.

Some Tips

All entrance exams are elimination exam and not selection. Hence, candidates have to put in to all their efforts to come up with flying colors. If they have practiced well before the exam than this paper won’t be a difficult one, but they should be careful while marking the answers and marks only those answers for which they are 100% sure as each wrong answer will fetch them a penalty of 1/3rd marks from the total score. So, never try to answer those questions on which you have doubts.

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