West Bengal PSC Judicial Services Pre. Examination Books


The State Government of West Bengal holds Public Service Commission Exams within the Judicial Services. A firm grip on various subjects such as General knowledge, Mathematics, English as well as other arts related ones have to achieved on to fare well in this exam and hence several books that are related to these have to consulted through thoroughly.

Since this exam comprises of Multiple Type Questions also, hence serious efforts have to laid down on these types of questions and different books should be gone through with intense concentration. There are other books too that covers several questions which have already appeared in the previous years exam. These are also very important sets of books that should be paid attention too.

Here is a list of books that the candidates should prefer while preparing for this exam:

West Bengal PSC Judicial Services Pre. Examination Paperbacks by Upkar Prakashan

N.C.E.R.T.Book [Std. xi & std. xii]

Mathematics by


N.C.E.R.T.Math [Std. xi & xii]

West Bengal Economy by A Raychaudhri

Indian politics by


West Bengal by S A Rahman

Civil Services Exam by Dr. K K Sharma

West Bengal Today by Raj K. Sen

English Grammar by Wren and Martin


The above mentioned books plays a very important role in the overall preparation of the exam. These are also very important for the final exams, apart from the pre luminary one. Hence the candidates should make sure to go through these books and thus assume superior level ranks in the final result.



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