Difference between Nutritionist and a Dietitian


Although both Nutritionist and a Dietitian are nutrition consulters, the activities they perform are entirely different. Nutritionists are individuals who direct people on matters of nutrition. Their job profile includes giving advice to patients or athletes on health problems, allergies, health plans and diets for weight loss and so on. However, Dietitians are professionals who are specialized in diet and nutrition. They work in hospitals or otherwise and are concerned with advising food plans and giving nutritional guidelines for patients suffering from various diseases.

Nutritionist courses and career opportunities

There are many courses in Nutrition that an aspirant can pursue. Various Universities offer diverse programs in nutrition. To become a Nutritionist, aspirants have to complete atleast graduation in food and nutrition. Those who have completed the postgraduate courses in the respective fields can acquire more knowledge in nutrition. Those who have complete the PhD or M.Phil programs in food and nutrition can work as research analysts. Professionals who have passed the varied courses in food and nutrition from a recognised University with good percentage and potential can easily get in to career. They can expect good remunerations after entering into this field. Nutritionists provide food diets for professionals in gymnastics, swimming, or athletics. These professionals can search out for employments in catering departments of star hotels, recreation clubs and so on.

Dietitian courses and career opportunities

Dietetics is a vast sector that has many branches like clinical, community, management dietetics and so on. Aspirants can study any of the Bachelors’ or Masters’ programs in the respective fields. Different Universities all through the world offer the varied courses in Dietetics. Aspirants have to do the research programs in their interesting topics in Dietetics so as to become research scientists and they can get employed in research laboratories of food manufacturers. In addition to the academic qualification, aspirants should gain on-the-job training, and pass a written licensing exam so as to become a licensed dietitian. Professionals can seek out for jobs in public or private sector. They can work as dietitians in health care, medical institutes, schools or in health departments. Postgraduates, who have flair in teaching, can work as lecturers in colleges and Universities.

Key differentiators between Nutritionist and a Dietitian

Dietitians are experts who may advice the kind of food that a patient suffering from some disease should take whereas nutritionists advice individuals the quantity and type of foods that sports people usually intake to increase or decrease their body mass. The former might guide a cancer patient about the nutritional needs that he requires whereas the latter provide advices on how to increase the performance in sports and fitness by way of nutrition, or perhaps find out better nutrition for weight-loss.



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