Which is better- Construction Engineering or Civil Engineering?


Engineering is a wide area where in which the graduates have got immense opportunities. The engineering industry is in a booming stage all around the globe. More and more institutions are coming up with better engineering courses.

Since engineering is a vast area it has many domains and each related to different aspects and need in engineering. And these different domains make the engineering so important. More over civil engineering and construction engineering which deals with the construction part play important role. Because of the importance in the field of construction there exist immense job vacancies in this area. Nowadays a question is being raised that is whether civil engineering or construction engineering is better, or which one is more useful for the graduates.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is an oldest engineering discipline which deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure as bridges, roads, dams, buildings etc. Civil engineering can again be  broken down  to many sub-disciplines like

  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Municipal or urban engineering
  • Water resources engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Coastal engineering
  • Surveying and construction engineering

Career opportunities after civil engineering

Civil engineers will get employed in construction projects of government and private sector construction companies and in private and public industries for designing structures.  Opportunities also exist in NGO’s, quality testing, Teaching, independent consultancy service. They can also join Indian Engineering Services conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

Remuneration after civil engineering

Civil engineers in government department will get Rs.8000-12000/- per month, and senior people will get up to Rs.20000 per month. Those employed in private sector will get Rs. 50000-60000/ -month.

Construction Engineering

Construction engineering also deals with the infrastructure development. Here engineers should have a mix of skills of both civil engineers and construction managers. Construction engineer has to learn the designing aspect as well as the construction management functions and this is the main difference between civil and construction engineering. This helps them to design as well as identify the building requirements for the infrastructure. Construction engineer can sit for the Professional Engineering License (PE)

Career opportunities after construction engineering

As like the civil engineers, construction engineers will also got employed in government and private projects in construction. They can focus more on the business aspect of construction. They can start their own independent consultancy service. More over construction engineers have more opportunities outside India. They can relate business aspects to the construction and can handle the projects by designing as well as managing the project.

Remuneration after construction engineering

The construction project engineers earn the salary according to the project they are in to.  They more or less draw the same salary as drawn by the civil engineers. They will be able to draw more salary based on the experience and the competence they develop in this field.

From the above statements even though both the civil and construction engineering are almost the same, there is an advantage in terms of opportunities in civil engineering over construction engineering. The growth of the construction field depends on the growth of the Indian economy. There have been instances in the past when the construction industry has nosedived because of the recession, increase in interest rates and other factors. Both the civil engineers and construction engineers need to develop their skills in such a way that they can withhold the slump in the construction industry.



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    [email protected]:

    Am enginering student so after this semister i will choose my department. I want to choose ether of the two civil or construction managment. So which one is better?

  2. 5
    tahseen ahmad:

    what is the main difference between civil branch and building and costruction branch? also explain the job opportunity in building and construction branch….

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    Sohail Ahmad:

    I am working in Ajman UAE as Laboratory Technitian (QA/QC). Now I want to get Civil Engineering Diploma. I want to attend the classes in evening time, so in which college i can take addmision ?

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    There are several sub divisions in the civil engineering. ? like environmental , construction, structural, transportation engineering. Institutes and Universities of engineering are they can teach the what group we want or not? based on the sub division please give the answer to me.

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    is structural engineering is better or soil engineering

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    What is scope of nanotechnology in India and which are the best colleges in India for the same who gives admission through AIEEE