Difference between civil engineer and construction engineer


Both civil engineering and construction engineering are considered as different branches of engineering and candidates finishing this course work in some of the most important sectors which has lots of job opportunities. Some people are with the opinion that both are same and is used in the same context. Civil engineering is mainly into planning, designing and implementing of a particular project as per the need of the customer whereas construction engineering mainly focuses on construction methods and procedures.

Civil engineering and opportunities

Civil engineering is mainly into activities like planning, construction, maintenance designing, etc. A civil engineer needs to posses certain skills in administration, supervision, communication, leadership etc. They need to study the feasibility of a particular project and make it useful and beneficial in all respects. There are lots of opportunities available for civil engineers in government as well as private sector. They can take up the job as civil engineers, supervisors, managers, designers etc. They can also take up the job as lectures in different universities and colleges. Those who wish to do their further studies need to choose the right institute to pursue their course so that they will be able to get much better job opportunity  with  a high pay.

Construction engineering and opportunities

Construction engineers are more into construction activities .They deal with the construction and maintenance of infrastructural facilities like buildings, roads etc. Construction engineers during their academics mainly concentrate on construction methods and procedures. Construction engineers need to face tough competition in the professional field. They need to prove their abilities and talents in order to get a good job profile for a successful career. The remuneration for a construction engineer depends on the experience and the sector they choose for employment.

Key difference between civil engineer and construction engineer

  • The key difference between civil and construction engineer is that civil engineers are more into designing and construction engineers are more into implementation.

The academics and curriculum of these two engineering branches are somewhat similar and is sometimes used in the same context. One needs to have real talents to be successful in the career as civil and construction engineer. Some universities offer construction engineering course as a part of civil engineering.



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