Reference Books for MCA Entrance Test in Thapar University


There will be three sections for MCA entrance test conducted at Thapar University. Topics like Analytical Ability, Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science, and Concepts of Computer Science are asked for the entrance test. Books like Logical Reasoning by Bradley Harris Dowden, Modern Algebra by M.L.Santiago, Data Structures Using C by Aaro M Tenenbaum, Operating Systems by Stalling, William, and Principles of Database Systems by Ullman JD can be used for studies.

Reference books for Section I – Analytical Ability

  • Logical Reasoning by Bradley Harris Dowden
  • The art of logical reasoning by Thomas Schwartz
  • Mathematical thinking and quantitative reasoning by Richard N. Aufmann
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A. K. Gupta
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning by BS Sijwali/Ajay Singh
  • Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability by Dr. M.B.Lal & Ashok Gupta

Reference Books for Section II — Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science

  • Probability statistics and queuing theory by P.Kandasamy
  • Discrete Mathematics by M.K.Venkataraman, N.Sridharan and N.Chandrasekaran
  • Discrete Mathematics by R.Johnsonbaugh
  • Elements of Discrete Mathematics by C.L.Liu
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists by J.Truss
  • Discrete Mathematics by M.K.Sen and B.C.Chakraborthy
  • Beginning Linear Algebra by S.Lipschutz
  • Modern Algebra by M.L.Santiago
  • Modern Algebra by Surjeet Singh and Qazi Zameeruddin
  • Operations Research by Taha H.A
  • Operations Research by V.K.Kapoor
  • Operations Research by P.R.Vittal
  • Complex Analysis by P. Duraipandian and Laxmi Duraipandian
  • Foundations of Complex Analysis by S. Ponnusamy

Reference Books for Section III: Concepts of Computer Science

  • Computer Organization & Architecture by Stallings
  • Computer Organization and Design by David A. Patterson, ‎John L. Hennessy
  • Digital Logic and Computer Organization by V Rajaraman
  • The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture by Linda Null, ‎Julia Lobur
  • Object-Oriented Programming: Fundamentals and Applications by Probal Sengupta, ‎Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri
  • Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ by Joyce Farrell
  • Fundamentals of Programming: With Object Oriented Programming by Gary Marrer
  • Data Structures Using C by Aaro M Tenenbaum
  • C & Data Structures by P. S. Deshpande, ‎O. G. Kakde
  • Data Structures Using C by Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
  • Elements of the theory of Computation by Lewis H. R. and Papadimitrou C. H
  • Theory of Automata & Formal Language by Kain
  • Operating System: Concept & Design by Milenkovie M
  • Operating System Design & Implementation by Tanenbaum A.S
  • Operating System Concepts by Silbersehatz A. and Peterson J. L
  • Operating Systems by Stalling, William
  • Database System Concepts by Henry F. Korth and Silberschatz Abraham
  • Fundamentals of Database Systems by Elmasri Ramez and Novathe Shamkant
  • Database Management System by Ramakrishnan
  • Advanced Database Management System by Jain
  • Introduction to Database Management by Date C. J
  • Principles of Database Systems by Ullman JD

Other than text books, web based study materials can also be referred for studies.



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