Application of Mathematics in Engineering


Mathematics is an important part of most branches of engineering. They need to have the skill of solving mathematical models and interpreting the practical inferences. They can do this with the help of a computer. It is really necessary to keep up the correct balance between logical solutions and intuition, practice and theory, and analysis and synthesis.

Mathematics in various university degrees

The students who ignore Mathematics at High School level may lose several job opportunities in future. Most of the university degrees need mathematics. Listed below are a few areas that include Mathematics.

  • Tech Sciences like Networking, Computer Science, Software Development, etc
  • Physical Sciences including Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, etc
  • Social Sciences like Communications, Linguistics, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Education, etc
  • Medicine
  • Life and Health Sciences including Pharmacy, Biology, Optometry, Psychology, Nursing, etc
  • Actuarial Science used by insurance companies
  • Business and Commerce

Mathematics in variety of career options

Mathematics is used in every area, has its own functions and has many career options. Algebra is used in study of symmetry in Chemistry, Networking, Computer Science, Physics, and Cryptology. Calculus is significant in Biology, Chemistry, the motion of water (Hydrodynamics), Physics, Rocket Science, Engineering, option price modeling in Economics and Business models, molecular structure, etc.

Significance of Mathematics in Engineering

Mathematics is considered to be the base of all sciences. It has application in almost all the fields of scientific as well as non-scientific study. Mathematics is applied in elementary level subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc as well as in complex studies like genetic analysis, cryogenics, etc. Both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics have a significant role in the first two years of any engineering degree course. The main topics in the first year are statics and dynamics of a particle, integration, and differentiation. In the second year, the importance is on differential equations and linear algebra.

Engineering can be defined as a specialized branch of science which constantly monitors the changing needs of the world. It also deals with the designing and manufacturing of the products that could make life simpler, fast and efficient. From the definition itself it is clear that the application of mathematics becomes indispensable for engineering. It is impossible to engineer something with out the help of mathematics. Since the applications of mathematics in engineering are so vast and varied, it is not possible to summarize them.

The most important areas of Mathematics in Engineering are trigonometry, differential equations, geometry, and integral mathematics. The Civil Engineering depends greatly on the trigonometric and geometric logics. The Computer Science Engineering is largely dependent on numeric analysis, combinatorics, logic analysis, and algebra. Electrical Engineering entails a lot of critical analysis, crypto analysis, operation research and management. This branch of engineering heavily utilizes the mathematical principles, logic, formulae, and calculations.

Thus, it can be concluded that in order to be a good engineer one should be capable of handling mathematical problems efficiently.



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