Application of Oceanography


Oceanography is a particular branch of science that includes the application of knowledge of diverse aspects of ocean and the methods of applying them for the preservation of ocean biography. It also focuses on the efficacy and advantage to human civilization. This branch is also called oceanology or marine science. The study of oceanography generally focuses on the physical, geological, chemical and the biological features of the ocean.

The experts in oceanography, usually called as oceanographers, study the various geological and historical aspects of the ocean. They analyses these facts for the further forecasting of disasters or any calamity mitigation. They also regularly evaluate the chemical composition and characteristic analysis of the oceans. This is done for searching raw materials, pollution control and preservation of marine life.

Areas Covered

The biological features of the ocean and the study of oceanic life are the most important topics in oceanography. These subjects are applied in diverse purposes. It helps in the conservation of marine life and also creating opportunities for the human beings to survive by yielding the advantages from ocean. Due to this wide range of application and career opportunities in oceanography, numerous premier universities in the world offers this branch of study at undergraduate, post graduate and at doctoral levels.

The duties of oceanographers involve the collection and analysis of ocean waters via the ocean waves, currents and tides, oceanic life, mineral and oil deposits in the ocean surfaces and the contours of ocean bed. The application of oceanography can be used for the preparation of various maps, charts and graphs. These professionals usually work on the sea to gather information and record that scientific evidence. Their jobs also include laboratory works on different organisms or models. The oceanographers commonly work in groups which includes experts from diverse branch of oceanography.

On a Professional level

The oceanographers have several high responsibilities in their profession. In most of the time they have to carry out many research projects in the ocean for several weeks. The different areas they work in are onshore laboratories, aquariums or offices. They also have to work with sophisticated equipments.

The oceanographers have great opportunities in diverse industries nowadays, both in national and international firms. They are also paid with really good remunerations as compared to other professionals. The various industries where they are employed include marine oil rigs, marine biological reserves, etc. They are also recruited by the shipping corporation for the movement and navigation purposes. In short they are employed in all the industries or organizations which are related to oceans.



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