Audio Engineer - How to become an Audio Engineer?


Audio Engineering is concerned with the utilization of equipment and machinery for the recording, amalgamation and reproduction of sounds. An individual who practices Audio Engineering is called as an Audio Engineer. The field of Audio Engineering has many subdivisions like psychoacoustics, electronics and acoustics. Many institutions in India provide students with graduate as well as postgraduate courses in Audio Engineering. After finishing this course, students can find employment in fields like advertising and broad casting, CD production, live concerts and schools in addition to the cinema field, multimedia organizations and television. The remuneration of a candidate is based on his/her hard work as well as skill in the field of work. Students of Audio Engineering will have an initial salary of around Rs.10, 000 a month. It is also possible for students to get jobs overseas.

Qualifying Exam

Colleges that provide students with courses in audio Engineering will carry out an entrance exam for their admission. Some of the exams are: FTII Audio Engineering Exam, All India Engineering Entrance Exams and Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune Entrance Exam.

Who is eligible to apply?

The basic qualification necessary to become an Audio Engineer is a pass in standard 10+2 with Mathematics as well as Physics as the subjects of study. The aspirant ought to have a minimum age of 17 years when he/she applies.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

A keen interest and love for music is the primary quality required for a student to become an Audio Engineer. They should also have an ability to focus, because, audio engineering concentrates on every single aspect of technology. The student is also required to be a computer literate. As all kinds of computer software as well as hardware will be used in this field, familiarity with these digital gadgets will aid the student in their work. When they are writing the exam, the students must make certain that they have learned all that is necessary. Reading on diverse books will be of great help to them. At the time of the interview, the students must be frank and sincere while replying.



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