Bangalore University, M.Sc in Biotechnology, 3rd Sem., Plant Biotechnology Papers


Plant Biotechnology is one of the developing and advanced subjects being taught under the course of biotechnology. The course deals with the study of plant growth and the various methods by which plants can be grown including the tissue and cell culturing method. The main stress is given on this process only.

Paper description:

The subject, plant tissue culture includes study of various methods through which the tissue or the cells of the plans can be extracted from the mother plant and can be cultured or preserved, or can be given directed growth so that the crops that normally finds difficulty in growing can be grown with sophisticated tools. The subject also includes study of various kinds of methods used in the culturing of plant tissue.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper has questions from segments like composition of the media, or the method of media preparation. The function of the elements added in the media is also asked almost every year. Apart from that the various growth characteristics and the various application of the structures is also studied under the course and comes repeatedly in the paper.

Paper pattern:

The paper is divided into three sections. There are all together 18 questions in the paper. Section A has short answer type questions in it. There are 7 such questions and only 5 are to be answered. Every question counts 3 marks summing up to 15 for this section. The Section B has long questions of 5 marks each. There are 6 such questions but only 4 are to be answered. Thus, the marks of this section are 20. The last section has long descriptive type questions. This section has 5 questions. Every question in this segment is of 15 marks each. Candidates require answering any 3 summing up to 45 marks for this section.

Marks allotted and time:

Total time allotted to answer the paper is 3 hours and in these 3 hours, the whole paper of 80 marks is to be answered.

Recommended books:

Plant Tissue culture by Slater
Plant Tissue culture engineering by RAZDAN

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