M.Sc in Electronics Project Names and Ideas


As electronics industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world, plenty of opportunities are created every day in this field. Thus the scope of the courses on electronics is also increasing a lot. M.Sc electronics is a two year post graduation course in electronics which has got a great scope in the field of electronics. Candidates who are pursuing this course should do a project in their final year to complete their course. They can select any electronics project according to their interest and skill. Some of the electronics project names and ideas are given below.

Final year Project names and ideas

Bus Stop Name Indication System : In this project an indication system is developed to indicate the bus stop, where the bus arrives. There will be a transmitter placed on every bus stop to generate unique id for each stop. This unique ID will be received by the main unit in the bus to indicate the correct bus stop. A microcontroller is used in the transmitter unit to generate the unique ID in each bus stop. An IR receiver is used in the receiver unit to detect and demodulate the transmitted code. This code will be recognized by the microcontroller after demodulation. Thus the indication of correct bus stop will be produced.

Microprocessor Based Railway System: Here a railway traffic control system is developed in which a microprocessor is used to handle the signaling, track changing, gate operation and traffic monitoring. This microprocessor senses the train arrival at a distance of three kilometers. The track will be given for the train halting according to the priority of the concerned train. If the train is sensed at the station side then this system will handle the tracking. If the train is sensed at the gate side then this system will handle the gate operation along with the track changing.

Micro controller Based Automobile Monitoring system: Vehicle parameters like the fuel quantity, engine temperature, km/h, battery voltage and side stand status can be monitored by using this system. An alarm indication is produced if these parameters go beyond the set limits. Liquid crystal display is used to display all the vehicle parameters. Every process required to achieve this task is managed by the microcontroller. It gets associated with the components like ADC, temperature sensor, photo interrupter module and keyboard to perform all the required tasks.

Biomedical Monitoring System: Here a generic real-time wireless communication system is developed to monitor the temperature and heart beat of the patient. Data thus collected will be sent to the microcontroller at the transmitter end, which will transmit the data to the receiving end. Receiver at the receiving end will decode the data and send it to the microcontroller at the receiving end. This microcontroller will sense the data and it will be displayed on the Liquid Crystal Display. An alarm is produced if there is any dangerous change in the patient’s condition.

Other Project Ideas

  • Harmonic Distortion Meter
  • Robot control using TV Remote
  • Robotic Arm Manipulator
  • Microcontroller Based Fire Monitoring System in Petrochemical Industries
  • Automation of Car Parking
  • Battery Charger using Microcontroller
  • Automatic Water Gardening System
  • Microcontroller based Digital Power Energy Meter
  • Prepaid Electricity Billing System
  • Designing pH meter using Microcontroller
  • Digital Power Supply with Microcontroller
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Data Acquisition System

Choose the Industry

Electronics projects can be done in any government firm or private firm. If the students want to excel in their career, then it is better to choose government firm than private firm.

It will be a greater advantage while applying for a job in future as the projects done in government firms will be more valuable.



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    please send me circuit for robot control for TV remote

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    priti jagtap:

    sir, I want to do the project for “Automatic warning and protection system for indian railway”. but i have no idea about this project.please can you tell me ,how i can do this project.

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    Can i make the project related to constant voltage supply using LM 339\139\337 or any ICs????//
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