M.Sc Biochemistry Project Names and Ideas


Numerous projects are there for students of M.Sc Biochemistry to choose from. As many specializations are available in Biochemistry, it is will be easy for students to take up a project that is simple for them. A few project ideas students can undertake are given in detail below.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

How does protein aggregation impact on the digestibility of proteins in processed food? – Here, innovative techniques are employed as to examine protein aggregation states, digestibility and microscopy evaluation. These procedures involve fundamental biochemical and biophysical methods.

Probing the evolution of quaternary structure of proteins using directed evolution – This project is based on the recent insights into the advancement of quaternary structure found in homotetrameric proteins. The basic tools that are used for this project are the ones that are used in directed evolution.

Heart disease, strokes and plaque growth: The role of cell death. – A project devised to test the causes behind strokes and heart diseases. A study about the collection of cholesterol filled cells inside the wall of arteries (also known as atherosclerotic plaques).

A few other project topics comprise of:

  • Purification of soybean peroxidase - A project designed to purify soybean peroxidase.
  • Enzymes and Grease Traps - This project is designed to compare the efficiency of different types of enzymes in eliminating grease from a grease trap. Materials used comprise of enzymes in liquid, solid and powder forms to break down grease, fat and oil.
  • How temperature affects the Catalase enzyme – Experiment is designed to determine how different temperatures will have an affect on the enzyme Catalase chemical reaction when introduced to hydrogen peroxide.
  • How temperature affects the peroxidase enzyme – Experiment is devised as to find how and why diverse temperatures effect the chemical reactions amid hydrogen peroxide and enzyme peroxidase when introduced in different temperatures.
  • Using tea leaves to enhance plant growth – A project devised to determine the growth rate of plants when tea leaves are used as fertilizers.
  • Determining the properties of enzymes – A project designed to determine the activity of enzyme peroxidase. Hypotheses are formed on how the reaction rate of catalyzed enzyme peroxidase is affected by the difference in enzyme concentration, inhibitors and pH.

Students are also given the opportunity to work by themselves in any one of the following fields:

  • Agricultural microbiology & Biotechnology
  • Cancer biology and Apoptosis.
  • Cytogenetics
  • Enzymology and Fermentation technology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Immunology & Clinical Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology & Tissue culture
  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Choose the Industry

There are many different industries in which students of Biochemistry can choose to do their projects. Research institutions, educational institutions and pharmaceutical industries etc take in students and help them with their projects. The majority of these sectors also offer individuals with job opportunities. Individuals are free to choose any of the industries mentioned above to do their projects in accordance with the future plans of the students or the requirements of the corporate that has taken them. Cosmetic firms, Firms that manufacture fertilizers etc are a few other areas where Students of M.Sc Biochemistry can take up projects.



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