Career after BDS


Excellent job opportunities are available for students of dentistry in hospitals, dental clinics, teaching division of colleges & universities and nursing homes. With the awareness of dental healthcare spreading everywhere, it is quite easy for students of BDS to get jobs as soon as they finish their studies and residency. Besides health care centres, they can also have opportunities with corporate firms that launch oral care products and medicines. Self employment is also another good option for people. This article will talk about the different career opportunities available for students once they have finished their education in dentistry.

Career in Private sector after BDS

Individuals who have finished their graduate level course in dentistry can get good jobs in the private sector. Many clinics and private hospitals take in BDS students. Listed below are a few places where BDS students can get jobs:

  • Dental Clinics
  • Dental Products Manufacturers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Private Practice

BDS students can work with Manufacturers of Dental Equipment or with Research Institutes. There will be no dearth of jobs for them where ever they go.

Government Career after BDS

There are quite a few public sector hospitals that require professionals in the field of BDS. A stable career as well as good salary is ensured for them in the field of dentistry. A few dentistry related professionals include:

  • Consultant
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Lab Technician / Ceramist
  • Dental Surgeon
  • Medical Representative / Sales Representative
  • Oral Pathologist
  • Private Practitioners
  • Professors
  • Public Health Specialists

One other career options that are available for students of BDS is the field of Forensics. As one might know, Forensic dentistry, also known as forensic Odontology is another field that requires the professional skills of dentists. Dental evidences are evaluated by these experts thus providing proof for or against a person in the interest of the legal system.

Career Abroad after BDS

Students who have finished their BDA program can get jobs in overseas firms too. Numerous hospitals and clinics will be there that offer people with jobs. They can also work with institutes of education. It would also be beneficial for the students if they have Master’s degree in this field.

Long term Career roadmap for BDS

After gaining enough experience, individuals can join with leading institutes. Those who do not wish to affiliate themselves with any of the private or public sector firms can start do private practice. People can start these clinics alone or in partnership with a friend or colleague. Apart from this, individuals can also work as Dental consultant, Dental Hygienist or Dental assistant. These are all very lucrative professions.



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    I had dome my b.d.s .I had 2 months of clinical experience. Hw could I apply for jobs in pharmaceutical companies.give me the list of pharmaceutical companies.

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    What is the criteria to get the job in dental products manufacturing companies? What is the pay scale there?

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    Ilpi mathur:

    What scope is there after finishing BDS ??

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    best college in india for forensic odontology certification??