Career Avenues after BDS


Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is a course that has good scope in terms of employment opportunities. Career avenues after this course are available in public and private sector organisations.  Aspirants can seek employment in Clinics, hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Educational Institutions, Research institutes etc. Graduates can work as Dental Surgeon, Dental officers, Dental consultant, Clinical assistants, Sales representatives, Analysts, Researchers, Professors, etc.

Career Avenues in Public sector

Central government and state government institutions offer a number of career opportunities for BDS graduates. They can work in Government owned hospitals, clinics, dental departments, public health centers.

Recruitment to vacancies in the central government organizations is conducted by the UPSC. Candidates are required to qualify for the written examination and interview. Vacancies in the state government are filled through the staff selection commission in various states.

Opportunities are also available in the Armed forces and Forensic departments. The Indian Army has a specialized category called the Army Dental Corps. BDS graduates can also work as professors in Government colleges and institutions after getting the necessary qualifications.

Fresh graduates can expect a monthly salary of around Rs 6000 per month. BDS graduates can expect a monthly salary of around Rs 30,000 per month with experience.

Career Avenues in Private sector

A number of part time opportunities are also available in the private sector.

Career opportunities are available for BDS graduates in a number of private clinics and hospitals. BDS graduates can also opt for self employment by starting a private clinic. A number of bio-pharma and pharma companies employ BDS graduates as consultants of new oral and oral hygiene based products. Graduates can also work as researchers in these companies.

Hospital consulting firms and Medical software companies also employ BDS graduates as consultants and medical transcriptionists. Those with an artistic flair can work in KPOs as well as publishing houses.

Graduates can find employment in private colleges and institutions as well. Employment opportunities are also available as consultants and Dental Hygienist in fitness and grooming centers.

The remuneration in the private sector varies according to the job profile and company profile. Leading hospitals, colleges, clinics and pharmaceutical companies offer salaries ranging from Rs.25,000 to 45,000 per month which can increase with experience.

Job opportunities are also available abroad. Graduates are required to complete the specified formalities like examinations, extra years of study etc to be recognized as a BDS graduate and seek employment in related sectors.

BDS graduates can also opt for higher studies in relevant fields to enhance career opportunities. Graduates can choose various masters and postgraduate diploma programmes.



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