Scope after BDS


The scope for students who have done their BDS course is very high nowadays. This is applicable in terms of both employment opportunities a well as higher education. Higher education in this field is the basis required for a person to get lucrative jobs with hospitals or other health care institutions.

Today with the introduction of modern equipments and other novel technologies such as MRI’s, Lasers, multispecialty centres and other new varieties of technical gadgets, the avenues for jobs as well as educational opportunities have opened in a big way. A specialization in this field in a very young stage will certainly make it a good career choice for the younger generations of today.

Scope for Higher Studies after BDS

After the completion of BDS, aspirants can either start working or prepare for the PG entrance exams. Some of the postgraduate courses that are available for desired students include:

  • MDS (Masters of Dental Surgery)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Dentistry

Specialization in post graduation (MDS)

  • Community Dentistry: This is the art as well as science of the avoidance and control of dental diseases in addition to the promotion of dental health by way of organized community effects.
  • Operative Dentistry and Endodontics: The first field deals with the defects of teeth such as hypoplasia, attrition and erosion etc. Endodontics is concerned with the diseases and injuries that might happed to the gum, pulp or the nerves of the tooth. The treatment for this problem is done by way of Root Canal Therapy (RCT).
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: This field is concerned with the extraction of the teeth, surgery of the oral structures, deformities, injuries of the jaws, teeth and other structures.
  • Oral Medicine: This field is concerned with the medicines that are used in the practice of dentistry.
  • Oral Pathology: This field is about the pathology of the mouth. It analyzes samples of the oral tissue, salivary secretions and others to identify the causes of oral diseases.
  • Orthodontics: This is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of malocclusion and by treatment restore the former beauty of the teeth with the use of appliances that can be fixed or removed.
  • Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry: This branch is concerned with the dental problems that affect children. This involves of the preventive procedures as well as other methods by which these diseases can be intercepted, controlled and prevented.
  • Periodontics: This branch of dentistry deals with the diseases of the helping structures of the teeth, e.g. bones, gums, etc.
  • Prosthodontics: This is a field of dentistry that is concerned with the diagnosis, planning of treatment and the manufacture of artificial parts to restore missing teeth and pertinent structures.

Other Certification Courses after BDS

These are some of the certification programs that are made available for student’s after they complete their BDS.

  • Certificate Course in Dental Hygienist
  • Certificate Course in Dental Mechanic
  • Certificate Course in Endodontics
  • Certificate Course in Orthodontics
  • Courses in Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Dental Assistance

Career Opportunities after BDS

There are numerous career opportunities available for students who have finished their studies in BDS. Both firms of the private as well as public sectors take in dentists of good qualification. A variety of entrance tests are being carried out in these sectors for the recruitment of candidates. It is possible for students to join with hospitals, public health centers, community health centres and with educational institutions.

Graduates of dentistry can also get jobs with the defense services. To get jobs with them, the students will be required to write the UPSC exams. For an exciting career students can join with the forensic department. An alternative to all this for them is to start their own clinics.



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    I am a 3rd year dental student…After completion of my BDS I wish to work in Saudi Arabia or in Dubai without wasting a year…I wanna work as soon as I am done with BDS…..Is it possible to get a job there without clinical experience directly ?

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    what next after mds????

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    what is the scope of bds ??? can we get jobs in goverment hospitals..??? what can we do except opening a clinic

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    after completing BDS, I wish to study MDS abroad. I wanted to know that which country will be the best in coaching MDS in easiest way ? Is there any entrance exam I have to clear in order to study in any best university of that country

  5. 14
    sonali krishnani:

    what is the scope of bds ??? can we get jobs in goverment hospitals..??? what can we do except opening a clinic

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    about diploma courses after bds?

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    Dr rohit:

    pls frnds dont do bds or mds we people are sufferes of this, u better do anything else. u must see the level of saturation prior to taking admission. most of the colleges pass through a fake imspection process and do avail recognition. n that is proving to be a cramping influence for students who r seeking for an admission. there is highest level of unemployement in this field. a few months happened of dci presidents saying- that dont believe on dentists from private colleges, n this is when 95% of dental colleges r privateones

  8. 11
    dr anshuman:

    i dont agree with ur sayings that scope for bds gratuates is very high nowadays. doing bds is just paying lakhs to private institutions for nothing. bds professionals if on underage for another job r just leaving this field n those who dont have other options r working for a salary of 5-10 thousand only from years n dont say they dont have skill. n thats the truth

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    which branch will give more scope after bds?wat about oral maxilofacial surgery

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    which branch will give more scope after bds?wat about oral maxilofacial surgery

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    how much salary is possible after bds?

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    hello , i want to know the courses i can do after bds ? is we can do courses as radiology , anesthesia, etc. is we can go in defense? is we can not write upse exam?

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