Career prospects of B.Tech in IT after recessions



In economics, the term recession means the general slowdown in the economic activities over a long period of time or a business cycle contraction. The production of the companies falls drastically as measured by the Gross Domestic Products (GDP), capacity utilization, investment spending, employment, business profits, household incomes and inflation during the recessions.

Generally, the government of the country responds to this recession by adopting proper expansionary macroeconomic policies like increasing government supply, increasing money supply and reducing taxation.

Career prospect of B.Tech in IT (after recession);

Nowadays we all are facing the storm that has been introduced by the recession in software market. This recession has made the students of software technology to worry about their future instead of dreaming to get job in a multinational company.

The companies want their employees to be specialized in their required field so that they can do the job of more than one person to reduce the company’s losses. Thereby the students after the completion of their B.Tech degree in Information Technology (IT) go through sleepless nights for getting employed in a renowned company. Here the situation is like that they have to opt for further studies (master’s degree) to fulfill their dream of getting a job in a multinational company.

After completion of their B.Tech degree in IT, the students can also try their luck in teaching jobs in some colleges or Universities. The BPO sector is also on a rise, but due to the recession, there employees are also not paid well.



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    I have completed my BE in CSE in 2009. I tried for jobs bt couldnt get oportunities. Now i want to prepare for GATE 2012 and do bt it will take one more year. now my question is dat…i have no experiece yet and companies demanding for experience. So that time should i go for further studies? and will i get more oportunities after doing will experience and age factor affect in future to get job?…i born in 1987 dec.

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    I am persueing B.Tech IT in Coimbatore.I am interested to do graphic design related certificate courses after completion of my degree.this is b’cuz i am more comfortable with design than to that of programming.will it be useful?Is there any relation between B.Tech IT and Computer Aided Creative design? Kindly tell me more about it.

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    Aparna Patel:

    Is it beneficial to do M.E./M.Tech. from college below NIT level.