Is M.Tech compulsory after B.Tech in CSE seeing recession?


In general, recession refers to the slowdown in the economical activities within a business cycle. The production of any particular commodity is measured by means of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Business profits, investment spending all go down and inflation goes up during recession. Paradoxically, the rate of unemployment as well as bankruptcies goes up.

Why does recession occur?

Recessions generally happens

  • When there is an extensive drop in expenditure following a severe supply shock
  • The significant dropping of the economic bubble

Governments across the globe generally take action against recessions by adopting policies that are macroeconomic. This includes the increase of money supply, the decrease of taxes as well as the increase in government spending.

M.Tech necessary after B.Tech in CSE

Currently, we all are facing a situation that has been introduced by the recession in the IT sector. This recession has in fact made students of IT more worried about their futures. The main concern of all students was whether they will get a good job with a multinational company.

All national as well as multinational software firms require their employees to have a specialization in any one field related to information technology. The main reason behind this is that, this type of experts will have the ability to do the work of more than one individual so that the loss suffered by the corporate firm can be covered. In this manner, the most coveted profession was unavailable for students for some time.

Those students who have accomplished their B.Tech in Computer Science degree can now get jobs with illustrious firms that has risen back again from recession. There is no need for aspirants to be concerned and get worried about their future career opportunities. Many options are available for students of B.Tech computer science to choose. This includes the M.Tech degree in Computer Science.

Recession is a thing of the past right now. So, every graduate of computer science can get jobs with software firms if they have the passion in addition to the required educational qualification. One other option available for them is to pursue the Masters level course in business administration. Once the only option they had was to opt for the M.Tech degree. But now, they can get jobs or pursue advanced studies and thus enhance their chances to get better jobs. This is recommended because a specialization in the Computer science course will provide the students with the opportunity to learn more. Besides this, the experience students get will give them confidence to perform well in interviews. The additional knowledge gained will prove to be very much beneficial for them in their future.



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