What differences have post recession period brought for B.Tech (IT) students?


With the recession being almost over all throughout the world, employment opportunities are back. Though it is not as good as earlier, but there are still plenty available. This effect can be seen mostly in the IT sector firms. Graduate students of IT now have the opportunity to get jobs in IT companies. One more thing that will make one definitely happier is the fact that placement opportunities offered by institutes such as the Vellore Institute of Technology and the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra are now much higher. More about the post recession effects on jobs for graduates of IT are given below.

Differences observed during the period of pre recession and post recession:

Graduate students of IT faced a very bad period during the recession. It was unable for them to get jobs even after they completed their studies. Job opportunities were low and institutions offered almost no placement. However, now in the post recession period, companies are raising high above their dark days and are offering employment for eligible candidates almost every other day. This is especially high for students of the IT sector. The one thing that can be noted and is glaringly discernible is the career opportunities that are available for graduate students of IT now. Besides better placement opportunities, handsome salary packages are given to them in addition to other benefits.

Career opportunities available now:

Terrific career opportunities are available for graduates of IT in our country today. These aspirants are availed with high salaries, great prospects in addition to get job with firms in India and abroad.

The job opportunities available for graduates of IT could be sorted into 7 categories. Those include:

  • Computer Industry Specialists
  • Computer Science Research
  • Graphics and Multimedia
  • Information Systems Operation and Management
  • Programming and Software Development
  • Telecommunications and Networking
  • Training and Support
  • Web and Internet

It must be understood that aspirants who have an additional master’s degree in business management have the opportunity to get into leadership roles of firms. An advanced degree in Computer software will help students a long way.

In addition to the job prospects available for one in India, it is also possible for students to get good jobs abroad. Recession is now something of the past and this now longer is affecting the career opportunities of aspirants. The post recession period is now healing the many problems that were faced by employees of IT firms. New salary structures are introduced and we are thus able to see the gradual strides of the IT sector.



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