Importance of B.Pharma in pharmaceutical industry


The pharmaceutical industry is very vast and it comprises of the developing, processing and quality checking of new drugs. Better and effective drugs are manufactured everyday as to provide treatment for the many people in our country who suffer from the simple cough to much severe ailments.

Experts who are well specialized in the field of pharmacy are recruited by the pharmaceutical industries as to ensure the work is done properly and without fail. Those who wish to join this field of the pharmaceutical industry must have a minimum graduate level degree in pharmacy. More particulars about why B.Pharm is important to the pharmaceuticals industry is given in detail below.

Importance of B.Pharm

The Pharmaceutical industry is completely based on the manufacture as well as procession of new medicines and drugs. For these purposes, professionals who can work as specialists are very much needed in this field. Graduates of B.Pharm can join the pharmaceutical industry as the knowledge they gained within the 4 years of study can be used there to its fullest level.

The B.Pharm course generally deals with the study that is needed for the proper preservation as well as manufacture of drugs and other pharmaceuticals. A B.Pharm graduate will possess the conceptual knowledge that is needed to understand the basics in addition to the practical knowledge that is needed to test the medicines. With more experience in this field, they will be able to help check the machines that manufacture these medicines and gather more information about the same.

In fact, it is obvious that professionals in the field of pharmacy are very much in demand everywhere.

Career opportunities available after B.Pharm

Graduates of Pharmacy have a lot of job opportunities and as a result, the number of applicants for this course is rising too. Professionals of this field have many opportunities. Freshers too have the same level of opportunities. Many career opportunities are available for students of B.Pharm. Those comprise of:

  • Analytical Chemists
  • Bio-tech Industries
  • Chemical / Drug Technician
  • Data Managers
  • Drug Inspector
  • Drug Regulatory Managers
  • Drug Therapist
  • Health Inspector
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Pathological Lab
  • Pharmacist
  • Preparing Prescription to Patients
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Research Officer
  • Sales and Marketing Managers

Applicants can also get jobs with teaching institutions, as research scientists with R&D firms or with Healthcare institutions. To get jobs into institutions as this, it will be needed for all spirants to have a PG as well as Doctoral level degrees. Besides this, corporate hospitals provide job opportunities for B.Pharm graduates as well. Those interested in starting a profession on their own can start their own shops.



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  1. 8
    swati Barangule:

    what is the process to become drug inspector?

  2. 7
    swadhin das:

    Sir,can a b.Pharm student join in chemical company as b.Pharm based on chemistry?

  3. 6
    Harshita Rawat:

    sir i m studying in 12th havind pcm nd c.s..sir i wanted to ask that is bio is necessory 4 b pharma…

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    sir i ve completed d pharma now i am doing b pharma but i dont want to go in marketing field i want to go in research field how much percent i ve to score in b pharma

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    Jaibir mann:

    sir, i am in confusion what i do after 12th class.sir my father ask me you do sir, it will be right for me for a good future

  6. 3
    Md.Harun Al Rashid.:

    i am pursuing m.pharma,want to know the requirement of drug inspector.will i eligible without any experience of pharmaceutical industry or lectureship??

  7. 2
    Dinesh chandra:

    I have B.pharma comleted with 74 % on june 2011. And also bio. Complete 55%. I want to do job in pharma industry . If any pls email me. Thanks

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    My self handicapped. I cannot lift my left hand fully. There
    is little movement in my left habd fingers by which I can lift a cup. It has no good strength.
    My question is whether I can study B.Pharm as I am now at
    11th Std. I got 90% in SSC Board Exam after my 12th. Pl. suggest