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The world today runs on computers and they have become the backbone of every business. Computers are being used in every field today be it a big business venture or a small one. IT(information technology) industry is the biggest industry in the world today. This field provides career option to almost everyone and it is so vast that one has many options to select the best suited. The fields in the IT industry are:-

•    Programmer:-
This is the job in which the coding of a program is the major issue. A programmer is responsible for actually making the software(selecting programming language and coding) according to the need of the customer. An application programmer writes a program by breaking each step into instructions.

•    Web designers:- Internet is the fastest and biggest network for communication in the world today. Web designers are responsible for creating and maintaining websites. The subjects required to be a web designer are HTML, java, editor and graphics package. Knowledge of database management is also a must for a web designer.

•    Sales and marketing:- Computers are a necessity today and mostly everyone uses a computer. In such a case a profession dealing with sales of computer products hardware as well as software is a very good and a wise option.

•    Consultancies:- This is the service sector of the IT industry. This profession deals with providing IT solutions to firms and users and also to provide outsourcing services to the required customer. It forms a major part of the IT industry and is very intelligent profession to aim for.



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    sir…i’m a student of computer science.i want to enter in can i do….?

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    ashish tiwari:

    i am graduate with art.
    i want to join indian airforce with technical trades

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    Sushil k.:

    I’m in T.E. Of I.T. engg. I want 2 work in indian navy.
    So wich exams i’ve 2 give?
    Plz ans me

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    akshay j patil:

    My son scured 62%marks in 12th science and 89marks in CET exam. His wish is to do computer engineering degree. pls help and guide.

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    career in computer science.

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    Are there any exams regarding computer exams…what is the eligibility and the process of applying for exams if any?? kindly request you to send me the details regarding…thank you…