Difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science


Computer Engineering and Computer Science are two different courses related to computers. Both the courses educate students on the hardware and software aspects of Computers. However, the difference exists in the emphasis given on these aspects. Computer Science gives much emphasis on computation and programming. The course study mostly covers concepts of algorithms, flowcharts, software development, computational activities etc. Computer Engineering on the other hand is concerned with the hardware aspects of Computers. It includes the technical design of the physical parts and practical aspects of development of the computer. Though the courses sound similar to a certain extent, there exist certain differences between them.

Computer Engineering courses and career opportunities

The course study of Computer Engineering is offered through several technical Colleges and Universities of the country. Most of them offer B.E or B.Tech in the same at graduate level. Higher education programs such M.E / M.Tech / M S are also offered in computer engineering. Short term or diploma programs in Computer engineering enable one to enter in to entry levels jobs in software sectors. These professionals can get in to the role of network engineers, system administrators, system analyst, etc in software firms. They are offered with good remuneration packages also.

Computer Science courses and career opportunities

Computer Science courses are offered at graduate, postgraduate and at PhD levels. After completion of the course, one can earn lucrative career in government sector or in private sector undertakings. Those who are interested in programming can get in to the role of programmers where higher degree holders can get in to the academic sector. Anyway, both the options help one to earn well by gaining experience and expertise in the same.

Key differentiators between Computer Engineering and Computer Science

  • The main difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science is in emphasis given in the software and hardware aspects. Computer Science is mainly concerned with the software aspects where as Computer Engineering deals with its technical design.

Computer Engineers working in the programming side are mainly concerned with system programming and in developing operating system software where as Computer Science graduates are mainly concerned with application level programming.



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    Babula khillo:

    I’m continuing b.sc in computer science.which couse mca or m.sc will suit me after b.sc?i want to these only in iit institute.so wt 2 do, sir??

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    chandan kalita:

    What is the better cource of MSC in CS,MCA,M-TECH