Master in CIS in Network administration


In the computer education, Computer information system is one of the major and important parts. CIS includes study of one of the major subjects under the education. Under the course of Masters in CIS in network administration, one is taught various ways in which one can administrate the network of connected computers. One is taught various ways in which one can interact with the computers and get the work done through the computers connected in network. By network it is meant the connection of various computers with each others.
Since it is a master’s level course, hence the study of all the aspect is in more detail and of more depth, in comparison to the bachelor level course.

One needs to have a bachelor’s degree in order to get into the course of Masters in CIS in Network administration. The degree of bachelors can be of any recognized institute or university of India.

Course outlook:

The course duration of masters in computer information system in network administration is generally of one year. However, many institute and university offers this course with a different course duration.  Few universities offer this course with duration of 2 years divided in two parts of 1 year each.

Job Prospects:

The job opportunities after the completion of masters in CIS in network administrations are huge. There are plenty of firms, both private as well as public which recruits people with this degree. Apart from many IT companies also recruits these degree holders.

Best places to Pursue:

Jadavpuir University



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