Clinical Pharmacologist – How to become Clinical Pharmacologist?


Clinical Pharmacologists are the medical professionals who deal with the clinical use of different drugs. They study the influence of different medicines in human body and assess the side effects produced by them. Based on the assumptions made through the study, they advice the patients about different medications. They treat the patients who are suffering from the side effects of different medicines. Clinical Pharmacologists plays a crucial role in the field of medicine as they are responsible for suggesting the medicines for different diseases.

Qualifying Exam

As the clinical pharmacologists are medical professionals, they should have MBBS degree from any recognized Institute. They should also have MD degree in Pharmacology followed by a super specialty degree of DM in Clinical Pharmacology. All of these educational qualifications enable the candidates to practice as a clinical pharmacologist in any health care organization. Experience in this field can help them to excel in their career.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who have passed plus two with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology are only eligible to obtain the basic educational qualification needed to become a clinical pharmacologist. Such candidates can only apply for the entrance test conducted for the admission to MBBS course. Those who have MBBS degree can apply for the concerned entrance test to get admission to MD degree course in Pharmacology. Super specialty degree of DM in clinical pharmacology can be obtained after completing this post graduation course and qualifying the concerned entrance test. Candidates having all these educational qualifications are eligible to apply for the post of clinical pharmacologist.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two with Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Obtain MBBS degree
  • Obtain MD degree in Pharmacology
  • Obtain DM degree in Clinical Pharmacology
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for a Clinical Pharmacologist

As the clinical pharmacologists are working in the field of research, they should have good investigative skills. They should possess good knowledge in drug metabolism, general drug discovery and development practices. They should be well aware of human anatomy as they are studying about how the medicines are affecting the human body. They should also possess good communication skills to convince the patients about the effects of different medications.



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