Comparison of Doctors from MBBS and PhD


MBBS is a graduation degree and it stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery whereas PhD is Doctor of Philosophy, which is a Doctoral degree. Although the term Doctor is used to call MBBS and PhD holders, the implication of the both these calls vary to a greater extent. MBBS doctors are medical practitioners who analyze and provide treatments to patients suffering from various diseases. These social doctors carry out the work of curing sicknesses in human beings. On the other hand, the term Doctor that is concerned with the PhD holders is a high level degree. PhD holders are experts who are specialized in any particular subject. They may have vast knowledge about the concerned subject.

Eligibility criterion for MBBS and PhD Doctors programs

Intermediates from Science backgrounds are eligible to pursue the MBBS program. However, they should have done their 10+2 course with Botany and Zoology subjects’ compulsorily. Postgraduates in any discipline of studies can study the doctoral program in the concerned streams. Candidates have to clear the respective entrance tests also so as to get admission for these courses in institutes of repute.

Duration of MBBS and PhD Doctors programs

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a five and a half years duration graduate degree program. In order to become a medical doctor, aspirants have to complete four and a half years regular medicine and surgery program and one year internship thereafter. In contrast PhD is a research program and the duration of the program is 2 years.

Purpose of the MBBS and PhD Doctors programs

Aspirants pursue the MBBS programs with the intention to serve the society and to heal the various ailments that human beings are suffering from. On the other hand, aspirants study the PhD programs to be familiar with the advanced techniques and procedures which are so far discovered in the particular subject they are concerned with. PhD holders carry out research programs and find new inventions, which in turn will be beneficial to the society as a whole.

Career opportunities for MBBS and PhD Doctors

MBBS doctors work with health-related departments and organizations like hospitals, medical institutes, and so on. On the other hand, we can find the service of PhD holders in each and every sector of the economy. These professionals work in research laboratories carrying out experimentations to find new techniques, processes and inventions. PhD holders work with banking, insurance, management, Science and Technology institutes, Arts, medical laboratories and so on. The area of employment of PhD holders may vary according to the specialization they have taken in their doctoral degree.



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    The ones who complete the MBBS are called Physicians. But we in India, call them doctors. And its been continued for centuries. But originally a doctor should have a doctorate or equivalent degree awarded to him.

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    what is the scope after appearing in GATE exam and after passing GATE exam

    what is its impact in our academic career

    I wish to appear in GATE exam