Difference between MD and DM


MD and DM are the Medical degrees awarded by Medical Council of India. MD is Post Graduate degree awarded after three years of training in subjects having non surgical nature. DM is super specialty degree taken in Medical field after doing post graduation. High profile Organization will give high salary for candidates with DM degree as it is higher than MD degree.

MD and its Opportunities

As MD is a Post graduation degree, candidates applying for this course should obtain MBBS degree. Various MD degrees approved by Medical Council of India are given below

  • MD in Anesthesiology
  • MD in Aviation Medicine
  • MD in Bio-Chemistry
  • MD in Bio-Physics
  • MD in Community Medicine
  • MD in Dermatology
  • MD in Dermatology and Venerology
  • MD in Dermatology, Venerology and Leprosy
  • MD in Forensic Medicine
  • MD in General Medicine
  • MD in Geriatrics -
  • MD in Health Administration
  • MD in Hospital Administration
  • MD in Lab Medicine
  • MD in Microbiology
  • MD in Nuclear Medicine
  • MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • MD in Ophthalmology
  • MD in Pediatrics
  • MD in Pathology
  • MD in Pharmacology
  • MD in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • MD in Physiology
  • MD in Psychiatry
  • MD in Radiology
  • MD in Radio Diagnosis
  • MD in Radiotherapy
  • MD in Social and Preventive Medicine
  • MD in Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
  • MD in Venerology

Doctors who have completed MD can easily find suitable jobs in both private and public sector. Doctors having MD can apply for jobs in government sector. UPSC is conducting many exams for recruiting these doctors in various government organizations.

They can also find jobs in private hospitals. These hospitals will also provide a better salary package for them.

DM and its Opportunities

Those who have MD, MS or DNB can apply for super specialty courses like DM. There are different streams are available for DM, which are given below.

  • DM in Cardiology
  • DM in Neurology
  • DM in Nephrology
  • DM in Gastroenterology
  • DM in Immunology
  • DM in Rheumatology
  • DM in Endocrinology
  • DM in Clinical hematology
  • DM in Clinical Pharmacology
  • DM in Medical Gastroenterology
  • DM in Medical Oncology
  • DM in Neonatology
  • DM in Neuro Radiology
  • DM in Pulmonary Medicine

There are excellent opportunities available for doctors having super specialty degree. They can work at reputed super specialty hospitals with high salary. They can also get into higher positions in government sector. The can also work as reputed teaching faculty in Medical Institutions.

Key differences between MD and DM

  • MD is the post graduate degree taken after doing MBBS
  • DM is the super specialty degree taken after doing MD, MS or DNB

Even though both of these degrees are awarded by Medical Council of India, DM degree is a higher degree than MD. Doctors who obtain a DM degree after doing their post graduation can look for a prestigious career in the concerned field. Doctors having DM degree can get more reputation and salary than doctors having MD degree.



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