Difference Between MBBS and MD


There has been a lot of talk about the basic differences between the two chiseled degrees in the field of medical science, MBBS and MD. MBBS is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, whereas MD stands for Doctor of Medicine. Although they both are the degrees of the Medical science, different countries interpret the same in their own way.

In United States

In United States, there is no such degree called MBBS and the first professional medical degree there is known as MD or Doctor Of Medicine. But there is a catch, before you get your Medical Degree, you’d need to complete a compulsory 4 year of Undergraduate degree. Once done, you will have to sit for MCAT, Medical College Admission Test. You can have an MD degree in another 4 years. That is quite a lot of time, but you’d be ready to take on to the nuances of medicine and its complexity.

In India and United Kingdom:

In India and United Kingdom, MD is an altogether advanced academic degree in the field of medical science very similar to a doctorate or a PhD. In India, if you start from scratch, an MBBS degree denotes the kind of training that you’d need to be approved as a licensed physician, whereas an MD degree represents a higher post-graduate degree, signifying specialty training.

Medical graduates who are holding an MBBS degree are only eligible for an MD degree. After successfully completing a 3 year study and the respective exam, both practical and theoretical; that a candidate would be conferred with the MD degree!



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    stephin ss:

    if we are completing md in tibilisi state medical college for 6year.After that we need to do pg or not? Is md or mbbs is good?

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    if we are completing MD in USA for 4 years. After that we need to do PG or not.

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    mubin khan:

    what is best between bsc optometry or BHMS degree? where is good job?

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    sir/madam, can students from kerala will get MBBSadmission in the medical colleges of Tamil Nadu through entrance examination. If so kindly let me know the the eligibility criteria and fees of the entrance examination 2012

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    So you can be enrolled in a MBBS program, right after high school, when you’re around 18. But for the MD degree, you need to first do an undergrad program, and then enter when you’re around 22? Please answer, I’m very confused.

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    as i m doing b-tech but i want to go afmc entrance exam . its my dream . plz tell me some books and sites for the preparations . and some tips for the interview .
    thank you

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    saianeesh kumar:

    how much fee for mbbs&mm.d

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    Nirupam Dolai:

    Ki korbo?

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    could any one please tell me the major difference between MBBS and MD?According to my knowledge MD holders are qualified more to teach medicine whereas MBBS holder is qualified for everything.Is this is correct?

    thank you so much for reading and replying