Computer Hardware Engineer - How to Become a Computer Hardware Engineer?


Those who deal with planning, designing, and installation of the peripheral components of the computer are referred to as Computer Hardware Engineer. The design of the hardware component is made according to the specification mentioned by the client organization. They are also responsible for the proper working of the components of the system. They monitor the system and make necessary adjustments for the smooth functioning of the same.

The operations for achieving the purpose are done with the help of sophisticated electronic and software tools. They also supervise technicians during the development and implementation of hardware components. The candidate has to obtain adequate educational qualifications and work experience to excel in the role of Computer Hardware Engineer

Qualifying Exam

Bachelor’s degree in engineering from any of the reputed technical institution is the qualification requirement for the post of Computer Hardware Engineer. The qualification must be obtained either in the area of Computer Science or in Computer Engineering. The candidate should gain adequate technical knowledge and hands-on experience to do well in the profession. In order to get in to the profile, the candidate has to go through the exams carried out by the recruiting firm.

Who are eligible to apply?

In order to pursue undergraduate courses in engineering the candidate should pass HSC course in science as major. After completion of the course, the candidate can get into entry-level positions in computer system manufacturing or its peripherals manufacturing firms. By gaining experience in the job, the candidate can apply to senior profiles in computer hardware engineering.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete HSC with science as the main subject
  • Obtain graduation in computer science or computer engineering
  • Try to obtain work experience by working in trainee or junior level positions
  • Search and apply for the post of Computer Hardware Engineer in firms offering such jobs

Skills required for a Computer Hardware Engineer

Knowledge in electronics and computer hardware is much essential to do well in the job. Analyzing and design skills enough to meet system requirements are also necessary. The candidate should also possess good trouble shooting and error detection skills for the profile. Interpersonal skills, critical thinking and active listening are also important for one to do extremely well.



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