Difference between Software Engineering course and Systems Engineering Course


Software Engineering course exposes students with design, coding and modification of the software that is used with specific applications. System Engineering deals with the effort of converting operational and functional requirements to system performance and configuration specifications. An optimal design of the system is made to achieve factors such as reliability, safety, security in operations etc. Software Engineer deals with the design and implementation aspects of different types of software where as System Engineer deals with the physical and functional design of the hardware specifications. Though both the courses offer certain similarities, they are different in some respects.

Software Engineering course and Opportunities

Software Engineering course is offered at degree and diploma level. Most of the firms prefer engineering degree holders for the profession of Software Engineer. Those who have pursued graduation in computer science are also eligible to apply to the post of Software Engineer. These professionals can find lot of opportunities in India as well as abroad. As IT sector is booming, skilled professionals in Software Engineering are in great demand now days. They can easily earn lucrative jobs in any of the reputed software firms

Systems Engineering Course and Opportunities

The course is usually offered as interdisciplinary studies in Engineering. The subject covers areas of industrial engineering, control engineering, software engineering etc. Apart from educational qualifications, the aspirants should possess a creative and innovative approach in designing physical components of the system. After completion of the course, one can have enormous job opportunities in industry. The initial level salary for these aspirants may be less. However, it will improve as they gain experience and expertise in the area.

Key differences between Software Engineering course and Systems Engineering Course

  • Systems engineering deals mainly with the hardware aspects of a system where as Software Engineering is involved with software components.
  • System Engineers usually get involved with users and domains where as Software Engineers are involved in delivering quality software.

Those from Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science back ground are eligible to get in to the post of Systems Engineer where as Software Engineers require education in areas of Computer Science or software engineering to get in to their profession.



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    i’m studing 2nd M.sc software engineering(5years integrated after+2) in the way i’m eligible to GATEexam or not….?????????/