Difference between Teacher and Professor


Both Teacher and Professor are related job profiles in academic sector. In the simple sense, teachers are those who offer classroom sessions to school students where as Professors are those who handle the lecture sessions in Colleges. Both the professionals deliver lecture sessions according to the syllabus of the academic program. Though the professions are related in certain aspects, they differ in qualification, area of work, salary packages offered etc.

Teacher Courses and job Opportunities

There exist a lot of teacher training courses in the country. Those who pursue the teacher’s training course are eligible to work as primary school teacher. The candidate has to complete XII class to obtain education on the same. The candidates with postgraduate degree in the concerned subject are preferred for teaching high school sessions. Some schools prefer PG holders with B. Ed degree to teach the same. The qualification requirements in private sector may vary according to the management that owns the same. The candidate should posses PG with B. Ed degree to teach in schools. SET qualification is essential for those who wish to teach in plus two classes.

Professor Courses and job Opportunities

The PhD degree holders often take up the role of Professors in Colleges. The candidate can apply for research programs only after completing the master’s degree in a particular stream of study. To obtain jobs in Government Colleges the candidate should pass the qualifying NET examination. The salary packages offered to professors are very high.

Key differences between Teacher and Professor

  • Teacher is one who teaches various subjects in Schools where as Professors are those who teaches in Colleges or in Universities.
  • The educational qualifications required for both the professions are different. The aspirant should possess a PhD degree to get enrolled as a professor. The qualification required for teachers may vary according to class levels (primary, middle, secondary)
  • A teacher should pursue additional qualifications to become a Professor, where as a later can easily take the role of a teacher
  • The salary packages offered for both the professions are different. The compensation packages offered for professors are much high when compared to that of teachers.

Those who teach in different class levels in schools are commonly referred to as teachers whereas the same in Colleges are designated as Lectures, Professors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, etc.



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