Difference between a Business Development Executive and a Sales Executive


The business development executives and sales executives are the professionals working in the same field. Although they are in same field, their work nature and job prospects differ a lot. A sales executive sells the company’s product directly to the market. Business development executives are the professionals who lead the sales executives.

Business Development Executive

A business development executive’s job may include many responsibilities. These comprise of understanding their company’s products thoroughly, the skills and expertise of the company, the services provided by their company to the improvement of hardware and software, etc. In short, they have the overall responsibility in the proper marketing of their company’s goods as required by the customers. Many companies take the qualified professionals for this high designation job. Usually candidates with relevant experience are required for this job by the companies. To become a business development executive, one should pursue post graduation in related field such as MBA in business development with a B.Tech/ BE graduation. In addition to the educational qualifications, they must have some other qualities to perform successfully in this field. They must have excellent communication skills both written and verbal. They should have interest to work with the changing or fast growing environment.

Sales Executive

A sales executive’s job is to sell the products of their company directly to the customers. Their services can be to the new customers or to the existing customers. The customers may include retail outlets, individuals, wholesalers, manufacturers or businesses. These professionals are also involved in other activities like identifying new emerging markets and various business opportunities. Their marketing area includes many high brand products like FMCG, industrial supplies, consumer durables, IT, media, or software supplies. Depending on the working environment, their job roles may differ in numerous names such as sales representative, territory manager, territory development manager, etc. A sales executive must have different set of qualities to perform in this field. They should have a responsible mind and should be able to understand the customer requirements. They should maintain and develop good customer relationships.

Key differentiators between a Business Development Executive and a Sales Executive

  • Sales executives’ job includes the direct selling of their company’s products or goods to the customers whereas a business development executive involves in the improvement of their company’s product by understanding the client requirements.
  • Most of the companies recruit candidates with minimum qualification of senior secondary education for the post of sales executive whereas for the post of business development executive candidates with post graduation in related subjects like business development are preferred.

Even though sales executives and business development executives work in the same field their work nature and working environment are different.



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