Difference between a Radiation Therapists and Respiratory Therapists


Both the Radiation Therapists and the Respiratory Therapists are the medical professionals who deliver their services to diagnose diseases. Even though they work in the same medical field, the two professions are entirely different. Radiation Therapists are those who treat the diseases by the use of ionizing radiations. Respiratory Therapists are the professionals who give treatments to the patients suffering with respiratory problems.

Radiation therapists Course and Career opportunities

Radiation therapy is a kind of treatment method in the medical field which uses the medical use of ionizing radiations. This treatment is mainly used in cancer treatments for controlling the harmful cells. This therapy is also known as radiation oncology or radiotherapy. It may be also used for the restorative or adjuvant treatment. The professionals specializing or practicing in this area are called Radiation Therapists. They use the several applications of radiation therapy in non-malignant conditions like the treatment of rigorous thyroid eye disease, avoidance of keloid scar growth, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. They use the machine called linear accelerators to manage radiation treatments to patients. Many of the common cancer can be treated using the radiation therapy. The interested students need specialized training in this field to become a Radiation Therapist. They are mainly employed in hospitals and cancer treatment centers.

Respiratory Therapists Course and Career opportunities

Respiratory therapy is a related health care field which involves the detection and treatment of breathing disorders. The various respiratory disorders may include chronic lung problems like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and other conditions like heart attack and stroke. The specialists in this medical therapy field are called Respiratory Therapists. They are also called Respiratory Care Practitioners.  They are the specialists in mechanical ventilation, airway management and acid-base balance. Their duties include delivery of oxygen through all types of oxygen delivery devices, management of tracheostomies, weaning of ventilation, interpretation of arterial blood gas samples, etc. Some of these professionals may also work as anesthesia assistants or perfusionists. Usually respiratory therapists work under the supervision of a doctor, but after gaining enough experience and skills they can have independent practice. One needs at least a bachelor’s degree in related streams. Many universities in the country offer this specialized field of study. Respiratory therapists are mostly found in the ICUs, critical care transport teams and emergency rooms in hospitals.

Key differentiators between Radiation Therapists and Respiratory Therapists

  • Radiation therapists are the medical professionals who treat cancer mainly using the medical use of ionizing radiations whereas Respiratory therapists are those who treat the patients suffering from breathing problems.
  • Radiation therapists can find employment in any hospitals or cancer treatment centers whereas Respiratory therapists are employed in the ICUs, emergency rooms and critical care teams inside a hospital.

Although the Radiation Therapists and Respiratory therapists are the professionals working in the medical field, their work nature and treatment methods differs a lot.



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