Difference between science and applied science


Discussion about science can never end at any point. The scope and reach of science is beyond our expectation and imagination. That is the reason that so many courses are there to study in the category of Science. However there is another category of course that is equally important and a lot of people pursue courses in that category. This is the category of applied science. Though both the subjects are very much related and has science in common between them, but yet both has a lot of difference in between them, that separates both the courses from each other.

The first and foremost difference is in between their approach towards the subject. Suppose there is a course of science being offered in one subject and in the same subject a course of applied science is also being offered. Now the difference between both that courses will be in the approach of dealing towards that subject. The course of science deals more on the theoretical aspects of the subjects and will go very deep and detailed in their study. On the other hand the applied science deals with the subject and the methods of application of science in that subject.

Another important aspect is the duration of study. The course of science has no ending and one can study as long as one can, the same does applies for applied science also but since the subject deals with the application more, thus, the students pursuing this course has to get ready for the application of their study. That is the reason why the students with applied science get in to the jobs before the students of science course.

Another important difference in between applied science and pure science is that the applied science is more scientific and technological oriented than the pure science. The applications and uses of technological principals are more in applied science than in Pure science.



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