Difference between science and engineering


With the rapid growth in the market of education, the demand for few course have been rising rapidly. Amongst those courses, engineering and science are the most popular. Most of the students see their future in these two streams. Though both the courses are said to be very much related, but still they have a hell lot difference in between them.

Science is basically study of things with their scientific orientation. The literal meaning of science cannot be expressed in words. Study or knowing about anything is also termed to be as science. Science is vast and is kept unbounded. Till now; the limitation of science is not framed.

Talking about the course, we know that the course in Science is related more toward the theoretical knowledge about the thing. The main approach of science towards a particular topic is more on the theoretical ground than on the practical ones. It doesn’t mean that science does not deal with practical. Without practical, the science cannot be completed. The basis of the study is the theory behind the topic.

On the other hand, Engineering is a particular science that deals with more practicality and a bit less theory. Again it never means that Engineering doesn’t involve theoretical studies. But the difference is that the importance to theory is given very less as compared to what it gets in the science course. The main approach of the engineering course is towards the practical application. This is probably one of the major differences between the courses.

Another important difference is the use of technology and scope of the course. As mentioned earlier that science is unbounded. However there are some limitations in science. That limitation when is overcome with the help of engineering. The scope of engineering is not very wide like science and is very specific and sort of concentrated.



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    Mohd Shafeeq:

    What is the difference between general aptitude and engineering aptitude?

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    Luvhengo Rotshila:

    I am currently studying BSc in Mathematics and Physics at University of Venda so I want to be an Astronaut,Astronomer or Astrology so tell me what I must do to become one of those things