Difference between Biochemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering


Although Biochemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering are branches of Chemistry, they are diverse fields concerning different procedures. Biochemical Engineering deals with the design and production of bioreactors that are used in the manufacture of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and waste treatment. However, Chemical Engineering involves manufacturing finished products using the raw materials by applying chemical procedures like nanotechnology, fuel cells, etc so as to change their chemical or physical composition, structure or energy content.

Biochemical Engineering courses and career opportunities

There are different Biochemical Engineering courses that an aspirant can pursue. Various colleges and Universities offer different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the respective areas. Aspirants who have completed the courses in biochemical engineering with good percentage can apply for careers in laboratories, hospitals, industries, manufacturing sectors and so on. Those who have done the research programs can work as research analysts in multi national companies or like wise.

Chemical Engineering courses and career opportunities

Chemical Engineering is a vast area concerning various courses like B.Tech, M.Tech., PhD, M.Phil and so on. Graduates in this field can apply for employments in Chemical plants, chemical laboratories and in industries. Chemical Engineers are experts having technical knowledge in the formation and the procedures that make up the living world. They work with the industries so as to design products of daily use like detergents, soaps, dyes and food preservatives. They have wide scope in India and abroad. Chemical Engineers are one among the highly paid professionals in the economy.

Key differentiators between Biochemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering can be considered as a whole, where Biochemical Engineering is only a small area dealing with the applications. Chemical Engineers translate the discoveries in Chemistry into commercial processes for the production of new chemical entities whereas Biochemical Engineers apply biological principles in Biochemistry for the invention of biological entities like medicines for various diseases and therapeutics.



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