Difference between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Both Chemistry and Chemical engineering deals in the same field. Even though they are in same field, there are lots of dissimilarities between the two. Chemistry is the science which provides knowledge about the matter, energy and reactions between diverse substances. Chemical engineering is an engineering field which applies the knowledge of chemistry to create useful materials.

Chemistry Course and Career opportunities

Chemistry is that branch of science which provides an in-depth knowledge about the matter, energy and reactions that takes place in several substances. Through the learning of chemistry, one can acquire the thorough knowledge about different chemical substances and their behavior in certain conditions and the relations with other substances. The branch also includes the study of the chemicals, their compositions and their features like acidity, density. The trained people in this field are called the chemists.

These professionals are usually involved in research about various chemicals and their concerned issues. With the knowledge about these compositions and characteristics, they learn about the unfamiliar substances and even make the artificial substances and useful products. Many universities and institutions in the country offer the study of chemistry at different levels like undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels.

Chemical Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Chemical engineering is a discipline in the engineering field which includes the application of physical science, i.e. physics and chemistry, and life sciences for diverse purposes. The field uses the engineering principles and technologies to create many different useful products. Besides creating the new useful products, the field is also involved in leading areas such as nanotechnology, biochemical engineering and fuel cells. The application of chemistry is widely used in chemical engineering which integrates the principles of mathematics and physics with this to design and manufacture new products.

The chemical engineers perform these application processes and ensure whether the manufactured products are safe and work easily. The chemical engineering field is very useful in various other fields such as environmental safety, designing, waste management, etc. Several institutions in India offer this particular branch of engineering study. Students can get into a lucrative career after pursuing this study.

Key differentiators between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  • Chemistry is a branch of science which provides an in-depth knowledge about the chemical substances and related things whereas Chemical engineering is an engineering field which involves the application of physical science and life science.
  • The Chemists observe about the different chemical substances and their properties and with this knowledge they also create artificial substances whereas Chemical engineers apply the principles and techniques of engineering in chemistry to produce useful materials.

Although Chemistry and Chemical engineering sounds similar, the two fields are dissimilar in many aspects.



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