Difference between B.Sc and B.Tech


B.Sc or Bachelor of Science is a three years undergraduate level course divided into three main papers and that mainly concerns in developing different merit students for established careers in many sectors that can be ranging from Government based to private based, even software as well as production based industry offers loads of opportunities. The course is fairly simple and designed to provide an in depth knowledge of that particular subject in which the candidate is undertaking the graduation.

A minimum of passing marks is the eligible cut in order to undertake this course, as cited by most of the Institutes. There are other Institutes that also offer entrance test prior to admission each year in order to pick the best. The course provides incredible level of exposure in several scientific aspects of the subjects and thus enables the candidate to groom themselves in the right manner to gear for the future endeavors. The course balances theoretical and application oriented knowledge in the most ideal fashion and is one of the chief points too.

B.Tech or Bachelor in Technology is a four years undergraduate level course divided in eight semesters, with the duration of each semesters spanning to roughly six months. The course is designed to lay importance to the application part of the knowledge and thus lays stress on practice rather than theory. Chief points of the course are heavy stress on the occupational placements along with practice based aspects.

Candidates that are interested in undertaking this course have to appear in different entrance exam held both by the Central as well as State Government along with different private based Institutes and Universities. Of course, the candidates first have to look at the eligibility criterion of different entrance exam after earning a decent marks in their Higher Secondary Examination.



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    Rajnish Kr. Ranjan:

    what are the scopes of aeronautical engeering? Is it different from aerospace engineering? Best institution for this course.

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    lasisi wasiu adebayo:

    much more abt b.sc and b.tech