Difference between CCNA course and CCNP course


Both CCNA and CCNP are certification courses from Cisco. Cisco is known as manufacturers of switches and routers used in networking of systems. Those who pursue these courses have to attend an exam at the end of the course. The students who pass this final exam in the concerned course will be awarded the certification of Cisco.  The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate makes the individual efficient in installing, working and configuring local or wide area networks. The CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Personnel is one-step ahead of CCNA course.

Those who have passed the certification test of CCNA are eligible to apply for the same. The CCNP course makes the aspirant much more confident in what they have studied in CCNA along with necessary additions. The major employers of the CCNA and CCNP professionals are networking firms. Apart from certain commonalities, there exist certain differences between the courses.

CCNA courses and Job Opportunities

The students who have passed 12th class with 50% marks are eligible to apply for CCNA certification. The CCNA certified professional establish connection between networks through the configuration of routers and switches. They are also responsible for the trouble shooting problems arising in networks. The security aspects of the network also come under the wide spectrum of these professionals. They can apply their networking potential in establishment and maintaining of networks in small or medium scale enterprises, in small offices, for domestic uses, and so on.

CCNP courses and Job Opportunities

Those who have obtained a valid certification in CCNA are eligible to apply for the certification program of CCNP. The course ensures the professional credibility of the individual to take over much responsible job profiles in networking. The professionals can find job opportunities in similar firms as that of CCNA certified individuals but in a higher grade.

Key differences between CCNA course and CCNP course

  • However, both CCNA and CCNP are certification programs of Cisco, both the courses differ in their course structure. The CCNP includes some additional topics that of the course content of CCNA
  • CCNP makes the professional much more confident in their work by empowering their knowledge in the networking areas covered under CCNA.
  • A valid CCNA certificate is the prerequisite to pursue the higher-grade course of CCNP.

The job responsibility assigned with a CCNP certified professional is much higher than that of CCNA certified one, though they engage in same type of jobs.



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