Medical Coder - How to become a Medical Coder?


Medical coders are those who are responsible to assign specific codes to make out the health related information of the patient. These professionals play a key role in the health information industry. The coded data is used mainly for reimbursement purpose. More clearly, the information is used to help the patient claim the medical insurance. Medical coders assess the health records of the patient and doctor’s diagnoses procedures and convert it in to the coded form.

As the first step, these professionals obtain the medical test reports and notes related to the patient from the concerned doctor or other health care staff. Using this collected data, they develop the coded information with the help of numeric and alphanumeric codes. They are also responsible to store the coded information in to the computer database for future reference.

Qualifying Exam

In India, most of the firms prefer graduation as the necessary qualification for the post of Medical Coder. Certificate courses in medical coding will help one to get an entry in to the job. Along with this, candidate should possess proven experience in the area of medical coding and billing. Bachelor degree in Medical Information Technology is the qualification required by international firms for the same post. Anyway, graduates with adequate skill and experience will also be considered for the same.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have passed the certification courses in medical coding are eligible to apply to the post. Certification after graduation is much desirable for the said post. Adequate exposure in the area is also an essential eligibility to become a medical coder.

  • Pursue graduation from a recognized educational institution.
  • Obtain Certificate course in Medical coding or join any firm that offer training cum placement facility in the same
  • Obtain relevant experience in the area
  • Search and apply for the post of medical coder

Skills required for a Medical Coder

The candidate should possess adequate knowledge in the medical terminologies and in diagnostic measures. They should be interactive in nature. Good communication and language proficiency are also expected from professionals who engage in this type of jobs. Accuracy is another vital quality required for medical coding professionals.



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