Difference between M.Tech and M.S in India


With the growing opportunities in the sectors of M.Tech and M.S, the demands of both the courses have grown rapidly. With the growing number of aspirants for the master’s level courses, the confusion about the differences between M.Tech and M.S courses have also taken hype. There are many colleges that offer M.Tech and M.S course and there are many candidates pursuing the courses. Still a huge majority of people are confused about the differences between the two courses.

The basic difference between the two courses is the study orientation and pattern. The M.Tech course is a more detailed course with a lot of study in it. Under the M.Tech degree, one has to attend regular classes in order to gain knowledge about the subject. The subject under M.Tech is studied in detail in classes. This is probably because a lot of things in theoretical aspect are to be studied for which classroom course is essential.  The project under this course is completed simultaneously along with the classes.

On the other hand the M.S course requires least attendance of the classes. The course basically deals with the practical knowledge and self study about the subject and the project. The students interact with the professors and attend those classes which are essential. They devote more time to their project under the degree of M.S.

Another important difference between the two courses is the course duration.  M.Tech degree generally ends in a time span of 2 years. The projects and the study both have to be completed in that span of time, whereas the scenario is different in case of M.S. In the M.S degree courses, one can stretch up the course to 3 to 4 years till one doesn’t complete his or her project. Thus the course doesn’t finish till the students finishes his or her project along with complete knowledge in that subject.

Thus, one can say that the main difference between M.Tech and MS lies in the orientation of the course and approach.



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    Difference between M.Tech and M.S outside India

  2. 12

    Dnt be tense. If U people r doing ur b.tech from b-grade colleges then dn’t worry about ur future?????

  3. 11
    Lokesh M P:

    Well am a Mechanical Engineer working in MNC. I want to do MS or MTech within one year. It should help for my career in future. can u suggest me to choose the colleges & university?

  4. 10

    sir,im currently pursuing my BE degree.i would like to persumy MS after BE in INDIA only.Can u please suggest me.. in this decision? I would like to gain more practical knowledge than the theory knowledge.i would be looking for ur responce…

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    sir,can i do ms after completion of m-tech plz give me best suggetion to me ….

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    i did my b-tech in IT i want to work in navy,,,,whether it s good to join in m-tech or ms ,and what kind of job i get after this in navy,,,,,,,

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    plaban bera:

    I am a ordinary student of EE.I want to pursue masters in power system.can you suggest me any govt. universities and also suggest me which one is the better m tech or ms.

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    Krithi M:

    I am a Computer Science Engineer. I am working in a IT company. I want to pursue Masters in Bioinformatics. Can u suggest any universities and also suggest which is better - M Tech or MS?

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    shruti .c:

    I m persuing BE civil,if i do MS n stay abrod for 3yrs. n come back 2 india,will i get good jobs with good salary????
    n wat more scope i get by MS??

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    shweta sp:

    which of the two MBA or M.Tech is better to pursue after B.Tech? which has more scope in india?

  11. 3
    ramesh katare:

    we complete our M.S course after completing project, suppose i complete my project within 1 year then,
    shall i complete my M.S course ?

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    Priya P:


    Im a btech student in Electronics and Communication with 71% aggregate.Due to poor facilities in my college basically im having a poor practical knowledge. But i really wish to do Mtech or MS in India. So i just wanted to know how the syllabus will be, will an average student like me be able to cope up with the subjects, also details of the courses in demand in communication and networkg side (for Mtech or MS).

    Im in need of advice.

    With regards


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    I have completed BSc with physics as main subject and chemistry and maths as subssidary subject and now i am admitted to second year of BE electronics. Now i am confused whether it is a wise to continue with the same or it is better to go for an MSc and further studies. the problem is i am intrested in both physics as well as electonics but after joining BE i feel not so comfortable with it and always think of the other way i.e. would it have been better to join MSc.
    Also the acedemic year has continued and i have no situation to return to MSc. Another problem is that the time would then be another 3 years ,no doubt doing BE is good but also for me the time would be too long and at the end i would have just a Bachelor degree.also i am not much aware about the job prospectus and the return after doing BE compared to MSc?
    so please help me,that what should be done in order to have a
    better future and no regrets after selecting it.