Difference between MengSc and M.Tech


The Master of Engineering Science Degree (MEngSc) is a postgraduate course which is designed to give students an understanding of the industry’s more advanced areas of engineering theory, application and technology. This program is particularly suited for practising engineers and graduate wishing to develop and expand their knowledge and skills in the area of expertise in order to enhance their career opportunities in a particular area and seek advance credentials for employment in industry. This program takes approx. two years to complete.

This program includes coursework and minor thesis and enables students to acquire in-depth technical competence in various fields of engineering, and demonstrate that they possess the specified graduate attributes and capabilities. MEngSc  program is tailored to provide an academic pathway to professional engineering for those who have a bachelor degree in a field allied to engineering as well as for those who are qualified engineering technologists and also provide a broad knowledge of engineering and spatial science through a specialised suite of technical courses.

The Master of Technology (M.tech) is a guaranteed two years postgraduate program which aims at developing the skills and knowledge required to access the power of innovation, research, technology and produce research engineers who can get the position of technologist in the industries as well as in the engineering institutes. The program is basically designed to equip students with basic practical skills with sufficient theoretical knowledge which helps them to tackle practical complex problems as well as pursue further academic achievement through research and development in the industrial field.

As the craze of B.tech is increasing, this course is in great demand; students are applying for M.tech after the completion of bachelor’s degree to develop more knowledge and specialisation in their respective trade in order to get high payable jobs. To get admitted to this course, candidates have to get through the gate exam.



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