Difference between Network Systems Administrator and Network Systems Engineer


Network Systems Administrator is one who supervises the smooth functioning of the computer networks. Those who set up the infrastructure or the skeleton of computer networks are called as Network Systems Engineers. A network engineer is responsible for making necessary modifications in the overall framework of the network. The difficulty and risk involved in the job of both professions depends on the size of the computer network.

The networks administrators are responsible for modifying the network based on the requirement or needs put forward by an organization. After making necessary arrangements over the network, they add application software according to specifications of the company. Network administrators keep an eye on the performance of the network to rectify problems on slow speed as well as other network issues. Even though the operating area of both the professionals is same, there exist a few differences between the two.

Network Systems Administrator Courses and Job Opportunities

A three-year or four year degree in Computer Science or Information technology is enough to obtain the job of network systems administrator. Knowledge in networking operating systems is also required to become an expert in system administration. They should also update their knowledge in pace with technological changes. Some networking firms offer technical courses in system administration along with placement support for interested candidates. Due to advancement of computer technology and internet, these professionals can find enormous openings in almost all sectors operating with computers.

Network Systems Engineer Courses and Job Opportunities

The bachelor degree in Computer Science engineering is required to become network system engineer. This four-year course imparts necessary skills to set up the hardware and software required to develop the framework for Local area networks or wide area networks. They also trouble shoot and look into the implementation issues in computer networks. The career scope of these professionals is huge, as networking has become prerequisite nowadays in the fast changing global environment.

Key differences between Network Systems Administrator and Network Systems Engineer

  • The Network Systems Engineers are responsible for developing the infrastructure of the network where as Network Systems Administrator is responsible for its overall administration.
  • Trouble shooting of diverse issues in network implementation is vested with Network Systems Engineers where as other issues in networking are corrected by Network Systems Administrator.
  • The Network Systems Engineers should possess good programming skills in implementing new networks where as administrators should be proficient with network technologies.

Both the professions have their own merits with respect to the job opportunities and as well as career scope.



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