Difference between Hematologist and Oncologist


Blood cancer is considered as a serious disease which affects the blood cells. The patients who are suffering from blood cancer can consult either Hematologist or Oncologist for the treatment. Hematologists are the doctors who studies about blood and the tissues which form blood. They can give treatment for various blood disorders after performing different laboratory tests. But Oncologists are the doctors who treat different types of cancers. They can suggest several treatment methods for the patients having blood cancer as they are specialized in cancer treatment. Both these professions are entirely different as they specialize in different areas. Even so, the only similarity is that both of them study about the symptoms and treatment of blood cancer.

Hematologist and opportunities

Hematologists can work in private or government hospitals and give treatment for the patients suffering from various blood disorders. They can work in blood banks and pathology laboratories so as to supervise various blood tests. Hematologists can perform genetic testing to study about inherited blood conditions. Apart from all these working areas, they can pursue their career in health care facilities. Research field is another good option available for Hematologists.

Oncologist and opportunities

Oncologists can pursue their career in various hospitals which offer cancer treatment. They can look for jobs in either private or government hospitals. Health care facilities also offer job opportunities for Oncologists. The service of Oncologists is very essential in cancer research institutes. Higher positions are offered for the oncologists in these institutes. But to get into these positions, one should obtain enough experience as Oncologists. These institutes will provide necessary research facilities for them to find out new cancer treatment methods.

Key difference between Hematologist and Oncologist

  • Hematologists study about the properties of blood while Oncologists focus on the study of cancer that affect on different body parts.
  • D.M in Clinical Hematology is required to practice as Hematologists while D.M in Medical Oncology is needed for an Oncologist.

Oncologists can do the job of hematologists as they study about the cancer that affects blood cells. But Hematologists are not able to practice as Oncologists as they are only aware about blood and tissues that form blood.



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