Difference between MBA in Systems and MCA


MBA in Systems and MCA are the post graduation courses offered by many universities in India. Even though the two courses deals in the same field the course nature differ in many aspects. MBA in systems is the course that integrates business with technology. MCA is the course that is purely based on the software field.

MBA in Systems

Master of Business Administration is a post graduation course offered by universities in the country. This post graduation course has different specializations from which the aspirants can choose their area of interest. MBA in systems is one such specialization which includes the study of business management and technology. It is a two year duration programme offered by many universities. The course focuses on providing knowledge in diverse areas of computer hardware and software platforms. The course covers the areas such as e-business, IT strategy, security, etc. To join this course one must complete Bachelor’s degree in any streams. The admission will be based on the entrance test carried out by the universities or the State. The course offers a bright career opportunity to the aspirants.


Master of Computer Application is also a post graduation course that is offered by many Universities in India. The course is purely based on the software subjects. It is a 3 year programme. The primary objective of the course is to develop various applications of software. It covers the diverse area of programming and designing. Those who wish to pursue MCA must satisfy some educational qualification. They should have bachelor’s degree in any stream with mathematics as one of the subjects in the academic sessions. For the admission of this course in various universities the aspirants have to take part in an entrance exam organized by the concerned universities or institutions. The career opportunities for these professionals are huge nowadays. They can perform in various roles such as software engineer, software developer, systems analyst, software consultant, etc.

Key differentiators between MBA in Systems and MCA

  • MBA in Systems is a post graduation course of 2 years duration while MCA is a post graduation course of 3 years duration.
  • MBA in Systems course includes an integration of business and technology while MCA is purely based on the development of software applications.

Although MBA in Systems and MCA courses covers the same field of study they are quite different in their own respect.



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    which course is best after doing bsc in computer technology MCA or MBA?

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