Difference between Information Technology and Information Systems


Although Information Technology and Information Systems sound similar, both are different in terms off study and work atmosphere. Information technology deals with the acquisition, processing, storage and propagation of vocal, pictographic, textual and arithmetical data by a microelectronics-based mishmash of computer programs and telecommunications. On the other hand, Information Systems is a new scientific area of study that is concerned with the integration of Computer Science with commerce so as to make new developments in Science and Technology.

Information Technology courses and career opportunities

Information Technology is a developing field of study, which encompass many courses. Aspirants can Study IT in either engineering or Science disciplines. There are Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs in Information Technology. A minimum diploma in Information Technology is required for entry-level jobs in the IT industry. Those who desire to carry out research in IT have to pursue the PhD programs in the respective fields. On completion of the course, professionals can seek out for career in Software companies, educational institutes, research institutes and so on.

Information Systems courses and career opportunities

Many Universities and institutes all over the globe offer the diverse courses in Information systems. Aspirants can start studying IS programs from graduation level. They can also study MBA course by taking Information Systems as a specialization. Geo-informatics, Human–computer interaction, Management Information Systems – all are IS related streams of study. Aspirants can as well pursue PhD programs in Information Systems. After completing the courses in IS, professionals can search out for employments in public or private establishments. Entering into career, Information systems professionals earn emoluments of about $79,000 per annum.

Key differentiators between Information Technology and Information Systems

  • Information Technology deals with the scheming, designing and development of system software whereas Information Systems involves the study of the components and resources required to deliver information and information processing functions within an organization.
  • Information Technology focuses on the existing and upcoming technology, which helps in disseminating information whereas Information Systems concentrate more on how the system make use of the technology.

The key difference between Information Technology and Information Systems is that the former concentrate on the assortment, integration and deployment of computing technology while the latter focus more on the applications and implications of computing in the commerce domain.



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