Difference between Teacher and Instructor


Since the terms, Teacher and Instructor sound similar, they are often found confusing. Both are intended to mentor the participants to achieve some results. Teachers are also known as educators or trainers. They involve in offering classroom tutorials to school students. Instructors are otherwise known as coach. They offer training programs to the players to build up their caliber and to realize their aims. Instructor offers teaching up to a certain level. They are more concerned with the practical side of the subject. Teachers on the other hand provide information to students in the form of lectures and notes. Though both the professions have certain similarities, there exist certain differences between them.

Teacher Courses and job Opportunities

The educational qualifications required for teachers are different. It depends on the stream of study and class level they ought to handle. Those who complete teacher’s training course can get in to the role of a primary level teacher. Secondary school teachers require at least post graduation in their area of study. Qualification requirements may vary with management in schools operating in private sector. B. Ed qualification is prerequisite to get in to position of government schoolteacher. Teachers in higher secondary classes require SET qualification along with post graduation in their area of study.

Instructor Courses and job Opportunities

Instructors offer more emphasis to practical sessions rather than providing information on the same. At the initial phase, they offer some information on the basics of the training process. After that, they offer training in such a way as to improve the practical skills of the student. Instructors are usually employed for training students in sports, arts, etc. Practical expertise in the concerned area is required to become an efficient instructor. They are usually employed on temporary basis.

Key difference between Teacher and Instructor

  • Teachers are those who provide information to students through classroom sessions or lecture notes. Instructors on the other hand are involved in offering practical training to aspirants.
  • Teachers are employed on permanent basis where as Instructors are usually employed on temporary basis.

The nature of job of both the professions is different. Teachers are usually appointed by management of schools where as instructors are appointed by organizers who offer training to aspirants.



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    Hemant Pandey:

    please give me details about teacher job in INDIAN AIRFORCE. Is D.ed is eligble in it for primary teachers ?